Prashant Pillai Podcast

I have always loved podcasts. I have binge heard podcasts by Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn, Srinivas Rao and have always secretly wanted to start one.

My earlier attempts at creating a podcast were all repurposed content from my instagram lives or facebook shows.

So starting April 2021 I decided to get serious about podcasting.

First I relaunched my defunct Podcast the Prashant Pillai show with a new format and new podcast cover, writeup, trailer episode and video introduction and more.

In short The Prashant Pillai Show is a daily podcast for creators. Just like my motivational but thought provoking posts on Instagram this podcast will help you the creator make informed decisions regarding your creative career.

Prashant Pillai Podcast - A podcast for creators.

Listen to Prashant Pillai Podcast for a motivational, action-filled podcast dedicated solely to creators. This audio journal will not only provide you with insights about my journey as a creator but you will also discover inspirational advice from some of the most successful creators around!

Prashant Pillai Podcast is a motivational but action filled podcast for creators of all kinds, and just about anyone who wants to make a living doing what they love.

Musicians, artists, designers, authors, freelancers or Creators who dream of running a successful creative business now have their best resource yet. This is the podcast where I give you insights and guidance to help you thrive in any creative career they choose.

The episodes will be a mix of motivational talks and some interviews with some of today's most successful people in the creative industry.

Listeners will find that this show not only provides valuable advice but also offers actionable tools which are needed for every creative entrepreneur's success.

If you like show like Tim Ferriss Show, Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income, Gary Vaynerchuk’s The #AskGaryVee Show, The Chase Jarvis LIVE Show, but with simple takeaways for you the creator - you’ll love this show!

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