What Iā€™m doing now.

This is place to learn all the cool things I'm currently working on.


Currently, I have finished Moonwalk (Malayalam), started working on a few Hindi films and in the process of starting scoring for new Malayalam film.


This month Iā€™m focusing on building systems to automate my business.
Scheduling content for the upcoming newsletters, podcasts and video content for my businesses and my personal brand.

Music Creator Masters

Completing the final few recordings of the version 1 of the crash courses. Have to tighten up the schedule and workflow for the very first cohort.

Reading , Learning

This month Iā€™m reading these books


Spending more time with Aathira and Ashwini.
Attending a live cohort conducted by my coach.


I'm on a healthy 22-hour IF schedule, en route to reclaim my health after a bad gout attack last month.