Hola ! My name is Prashant Pillai

I was born and raised in Pune, Maharashtra.

I make music, educate creators thrive on my curiosity.
I’ve built successful businesses by applying my constant learning from the entrepreneurial and tech world. My world revolves around my daughter and wife.

Everything I strive to be and do is for my family’s happiness.

Music Director

I’m a music director for feature films, web series, and commercials. My works are mostly experimentative and avant-garde. Over the last decade, I consider myself fortunate to have worked and collaborated with A.R.Rahman and ace filmmakers like Bejoy Nambiar, Lijo Jose Pellissery and Anurag Kashyap. I love working with genuine but fearless artists, musicians and technicians.


Apart from the music, I love learning. Learning new concepts and frameworks. This constant quest to discover got me into the world of entrepreneurship and tech. I’ve taught myself to learn digital marketing, growth hacking and selling things online. I then built businesses – learnt, iterated and kept the hustle on and made them successful

Coaching & Mentoring

I’m currently on a mission to empower creatives to build a thriving career online. Through my signature program on Better Creators, any creative of any discipline is nurtured by giving them a blueprint. My program includes weekly webinars, coaching, mentoring and exhaustive courses.

Through the blueprint, the creatives can design their career and make informed decisions to enable them to build a sustainable business online.

Some things about me

  • I heart simplicity.

  • I love the concept of minimalism.

  • Spirituality is my cup of daily coffee.

  • Black coffee is the only drug I take.

  • I love mindfulness and am self-aware (most of the times).

  • I like clear communication and honest feedback.

  • I deep-dive into multiple passions.

  • I give advice to those in need.

  • I don't give-up on them easily.

  • I can get 100x cynical and sarcastic, if I'm awakened from the wrong side.

  • I love new products, software, tools.

  • I look for opportunities to expand and experiment with my ideas.

  • Failure motivates me.

  • I overthink. And I'm an optimist.