Why I Took a Break from Sharing on Instagram

Why the break helped and what’s the plan now.

Jan 4, 2024
I used to love sharing my thoughts on Instagram. These were things I learned from reading, listening to podcasts, running my own business, making music, and being with my family. But after a while, sharing every day felt boring. I lost my excitement for it and decided to stop.

The Stop

At first, sharing made me happy. But later, it felt like I had to do it, and that took the fun away. So, in early 2023, I got rid of all the ‘motivational’ writings I had put out there.
Although I stopped sharing on Instagram, I became a regular on X. Here, I could document my thoughts and schedule them with ease. I believed this was the right move until a message from someone who followed me made me reconsider.
A lot of people liked a New Year's prayer I posted, but one person's words really hit me.
They asked why I stopped sharing the motivational stuff.

The message

They told me how my posts helped them when they were having a hard time.
They said, "…I just started at a new company and felt bad about it. Your posts were like a light for me when things got dark. Every time I felt down, I would see one of your posts and it would make me see things in a good way. This happened a lot."
notion image

Hit me hard

I realized then that what I said and did mattered to others. I knew this before, but it felt more real now. It made me want to start sharing again. I want to keep writing about what I'm curious about.
This last year was full of big moments, tough times, and happy times. I want to write in a way that's more careful and deep. I want to help those who like reading my words.

Fresh Start

This blog is a fresh start. Starting on Monday, January 8, you will begin to hear and read more about things that you love.
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