Intentional six months

Dive into a transformative journey of personal growth, health, relationships, and business innovation over six months,

Feb 15, 2024
In six months, you can see a lot of change—like going from nothing happening to everything happening.
But if you just sit still, nothing changes. If you're happy staying where you are, that's okay. Don't move.
But for me?
I wanted to shake things up.
I stayed up late to write this because it's important. It's the starting line for my next six months starting Feb 15, 2024.
In these six months, I'm going to focus on things I've ignored for too long: my health, getting in shape, improving my relationships with friends and work, and making my business better.
This is going to be the most focused and intentional phase of my life.
I don't know exactly what will happen, but I feel sure big changes are coming.
The progress I've made so far has brought me here, and I'm thankful for the people and experiences I've had.
These good things came from making big efforts.
People say you get wiser as you get older. I guess the gray hairs on my head and in my beard are trying to tell me that.
This new wisdom will help me make better choices in this big change period.
Let this be the start of something bigger, brighter, and more exciting.