The Best Tools I Use To Succeed

Welcome to my Resources Page where are I've put together a curated list of the best software's, tools, books, websites and much more that'll help you building your career as a successful musician and an entrepreneur.

Every little thing in this list is personally tested and I find it highly valuable and would recommend you to try them out too.

Read this important disclosure regarding the supercool resources mentioned on this page.




I love mindfulness. The easiest and the most effective way to practice mindfulness. 

I start my day with the daily calm meditation practice that lasts upto 5 mins.

By practicing mindfulness every day, I've found immense peace within and is the biggest contributor to my daily happiness.

All Things Audio



Model # NP550P5C


I picked up this beast 2 years back that was way ahead of time in configuration 16GB, 1 TB HDD and a great graphics card.

I've been using this for all my projects after Amen.

Though this is model is discontinued a couple of brands like MSI​, Asus and Dell have similar even better configuration

Macbook Pro

Model # MGXC2HN/A


I'm not a very big Apple Fan, but this particular model was just the perfect one I was looking for my live gigs. 

I've only Ableton installed on this one​, and it's the smoothest system I've worked on till date.

Ben Q Monitor

Model # GW2760HS


This monitor has been a blessing in disguise for me, just the perfect width and one that offers great clarity. 

Perfect for those minute audio editing and long hours of working.

Other Essential Addons

Logitech Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Model # MK 240 , MK 220


This is a the most important thing in my setup. Small, portable and squeezes itself right under my palms.

This gives me speed while recording, editing and tweaking things promoting my weird instincts.

Now they seem to have discontinued this killer combo, but  MK 220 ​is a good replacement for this one.

Vantec Tower Raid &
WD Hard Disks

Model # NST-620S3R-BK


I bought this a few years back, as my permanent storage solution for all my projects.

The best thing about this is you can load upto 4 internal hard disks and con​nect it to your laptop with just one USB Cable. 

Apart from this 90% of my hard disks are Western Digital.

Digital Audio Workstation

Steinberg Cubase 8.5


I've been a fanboy of Steinberg and their quest to keep notching up their integrations and features in Cubase.

This is the single most important piece of software that I can customise the way I want.

Be it working for a song or for a hefty film score - Cubase has some of the best options for organising and working on varied projects.

Ableton 9.5


I jumped on the Ableton after I was owned by the EDM music that I was listening to in early 2013.

The way Diplo and Skrillex used Ableton to churn out Trap and Dubstep is what made me self-learn and fall in love with this amazing DAW. 

I use this to quickly put together my ideas for songs for my side projects. Off-late I've used them for my film scores too.

Audio Plugins + VST's

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.0


I was introduced to Omnisphere way back in 2005 by a music arranger friend of mine, and has been my chief of staff for film scores. 

I wrote some of the most important piece of music for films like Nidra, Amen and Double Barrel.

The way you can synthesize anything with Omnisphere 2.0 has just teamed up with my spontaneity to come up with even more interesting scores.  ​

Arturia V-Collection 5


I got this piece of software more as a collectors edition. I loved the design and simplicity of this VST interface.

Only when I started using it, is when I got to know of it's richness it tone and texture.

You'll hear a lot of these in my songs​.

Audio Interface /
Sound Card


Model # 828 mk3


Motu 828 mk3 is one of the sturdiest soundcard's you'll come across. 

I got this after I was something that could take the load of a huge film score that I was working on.​


Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Model # Scarlett 2i2


Have been using Scarlet 2i2 for years now. Most of my film scores were done on this one.

A perfect choice for those who want to start out in music production.

Studio Monitors
(aka Speakers)

M-Audio BX5 A

Model # BX5 A, BX5


Lightweight, compact and the controlled low-end and top-end makes this monitor one of my favourites.

Been using this for almost over 5 years, and don't intend replacing them soon either.

Not sure if this model still exists but the BX5 range is still in production.​

MIDI Controllers

Ableton Push 2


Just the perfect companion for Ableton. Push 2 makes things so easy and quick for putting down song ideas. 

Bought this primarily for my live projects, but have used them for my film scores too.​

Arturia Keylab 49


I constantly work with some amazing music arrangers and pianists for my projects. I was advised by a few to pick a controller that has weighted or semi-weighted keys.

After reviewing and trying out a few other keyboards I picked this one which has been a partner in crime for most of my scores. 

Arturia Minilab


As I'm not much of a player, I needed a handy little controller, and Mini Lab was perfect. It fits into my laptop bag, and is just right for travel.


Shure SM 58


There have been songs where the final vocals are recorded on this SM58.

There's something about this mic that fascinates me, and I can't go further than this.​ 

Mind you I use this in my setup, when in a studio setting I open to anything that delivers the right tone I need.​


AKG P120 Vocal Performance Mic


Now the AKG P120 is retired and is my standby mic.

I use it when I need to capture either a voice or instrument on the road. 

A very good handy condensor mic if you're starting out.​


Beyer Dynamic
DT 990 Pro


The latest in my addition of favourites. The DT 990 Pro is a music producers truest friend. 

A perfect set of headphones if you want to mix your own songs.

Love the super cushioning of the best ever over the ear headphone.

Website and all things Internet



As the name suggests Namecheap is one of the best domain name providers when it comes to registering an offbeat domain name for cheap.

Traffic Planet Hosting


WPX Hosting is a dedicated wordpress hosting solution that I've been using for quite sometime now.

They easily have the world's best customer service. ​

Thrive Themes


Thrive Themes is easily the best wordpress themes without any fancy gimmicks. It is purely made for those who want conversions and leads from the visitors to one's website.

Their Plugins are also highly recommended. Each of their product has helped me skyrocket my website traffic and conversions. ​



Leadpages is a good option for those who don't want to own a website.

The easy interface helps you create pages to give free giveaways, downloads, etc. ​

A good platform for those who want to build a subscribers base.​



Made for bloggers and creative entreprenuers, this is the best email marketing platform I've come across.

The sequence based email marketing automation and the ease of use makes it one of my favourite tools.



I use buffer for anything and everything social.

Easy to schedule and ​lineup your social media Q without really having to invest time in individually posting on my profiles.



Just like Buffer, Hootsuite is also efficient in schedule. But I use it for social media conversations more. 

It's stream based layout makes it super easy to respond to people across social media platforms in one window.



All my background scores go into Soundcloud.

This has helped me connect and communicate with a lot of new followers of my music.

Adobe Creative Cloud


Being a design freak, I love Adobe and most it's tools.

I use Illustrator and Photoshop for most of my design work.



The fastest way to create social media images even if you're not a designer.

You'll love this tool​ for it's speed and simplicity. 

G Suite


For the last 5 years I've been using Google Apps for Business now called G Suite for most the domains I own. 

Work Email and Docs are sorted with G Suite - a more professional version of Gmail.

Personal Organizer and Task Management



Evernote is the digital version of my mind.

Everything I think, ideate, plan, research, read, schedule​ etc is in Evernote.

It's only recently that I started using Evernote the right way, and now can't survive without it.

Mind you I use this in my setup, when in a studio setting I open to anything that delivers the right tone I need.​



I use ToDoIst for scheduling and planning my day through actionable tasks and to do lists.

The best multi-platform task management tool I've found.​

Personal Development



I use Skillshare to teach and learn inspiring things.

I keep learning new and interesting things right from creativity, hobbies to social media and tech.



Udemy is the more popular version of Skillshare.

I learn and up my knowledge on various topics of interest to me from the pro's.