What I’m doing now

What I'm doing now


Currently, I’m working on songs and background score of 2 Malayalam films Moonwalk, Saajan Bakery and an untitled Tamil film.


All the songs were composed long back, and now it just needs a bit of polishing with some additional arrangements and live instruments. The singers are being recorded in Kochi by my assistants. I will be joining them by the end of this month to wrap up a few recording sessions. 


Might do a quick reunion of all my previous and current assistants, lookout for my Instagram @iprashantpillai

Productivity Systems

I’m fine-tuning my productivity and note-taking tool systems. 


This means that I will be making an order of things to be done when I’m taking notes and scheduling tasks. 


Currently, there is no set schedule and system, but with certain life developments, I need to put a dependable system in place to ensure my teams and mine tasks get done.



If you are curious to know the productivity tools, they are 

Evernote for note-taking

Workflowy for capturing quick ideas and concepts

Notion for documentation 

Todoist for Scheduling tasks

Clickup for team task management 

Also looking at Roam Research to replace a few tools I’ve mentioned here.


I’m currently reading 

– The One Thing – A physical book

– 21 Days to a Happier Family – A kindle Version 

Website Updation 

I’m working on updating and revamping certain sections of my website.

I’m also adding a few new pages like Derek Sivers inspired Now page, the Start here page and more. 


Over the last few years, I have trimmed out all the content that I do not relate to anymore. I’ve now kept the content that’s aligned with my current passion and growth phase. 


There are two courses I’m working on currently. 

One is a course for people who want to want a blend of passion, productivity and progress. 


The other one is a course for musicians for which my assistant Rakesh is helping me put together. 

Content and more

This month I will also finish charting the content schedule for my social media profiles.


I am working on revamping the podcast with a new content format and posting schedule. 


In December 2019, I hired a business coach for one of my businesses that I started a side project back in 2014. 


We hired them to help us scale our current revenue from 6 to 7 figure revenue every month. 

This business team is made up of my sister Preeti, my wife Ashwini, Aditya – Ashwini’s cousin and myself. 


This month we are assigning tasks and schedules for each of us. The schedules and systems will help us to reach our content and revenue goals by the end of the year.  


And that will be the time I will be in a position to share more about this business. 

Updated on 25th January 2020, from Bangalore, India.

This is a now page inspired by Derek Sivers Now Page Project. 

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