Want to work for someone you admire, do this…

At some point in life, we all admire and look up to inspiring people and we’d like to work for them, if not work with them.  Let’s call them – Influencers.

Let’s face it, Influencers whom you admire – are always short on time, and wasting it is their least priority. Adrenaline is their healthy dope that keeps them charged up, focused and super productive. And that’s the way they like it.

In this scenario sending in demo’s, asking for appointments, waiting outside their office for a chance meeting, following – commenting – retweeting their posts are not the most effective ways to get noticed.

You need to find non-intrusive and powerful ways to be seen, heard and talked about. And it comes down to these 3 core things to help you get spotted by the people you admire.

1. Map their base points
Find out all the places where your influencer is active. Be a part of their passionate communities, traditional/online forums, Facebook groups and more (not personal social media accounts)

 2. Be inclusive
Genuinely comment, strike conversations,  and contribute with your expertise. And be consistent with it. Offer value in everything you have to say. This is also a good way to understand your influencer better – as there will be a real side to them. You’ll know what they care about and what they are passionate about – deep down.

3. Share your works / ideas / blueprints
This is the most important of the three.
You need to work really hard on that one single thing that you want to be known for. Now that you know your Influencers likes and dislikes – iterate and adapt your business idea, your work/demo, blueprint – make it more personalized for presenting it. Find crazy and creative ways to showcase your work – blogs, vlogs, infographics, slides, podcasts etc. If needed, find other people in the communities that you’re connected with, who share the same urge as yours to meet and work for the Influencer. Team up with them, make some noise, and get spotted and called upon.

[pullquote align=”normal”]Don’t stick with anything ordinary. Hustle your way up. Do everything to be heard and seen. [/pullquote]

Having this approach makes it more beneficial for you as well as your Influencer. Also this process will help you know if the Influencer is really worth all the hype or not. Moreover, you get to make connections with like minded people from the community that could spark off your next biggest collaboration or business idea.

Get Charged Up : There are plenty of stories around how fanboy’s got to work with their idols. But this one is special –  Go look up for DRock . See how he got to work with Gary Vaynerchuk. One of the coolest stories you’ll come across.