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The choice of Raagams for your composition - The choice of singers - the layering of instruments is what I like about your songs.

I love Vasanthamallige - for Haricharan & Preeti's rendering. The interludes where its purely swarams with a backing percussion & a very minimal instrumentation. That is one hell of a thinking. I love it. - Manogatham Bhavan - the "blues" section in Mathangi's voice is a pleasure.

Girish Hari

The best thing about Prashant's music is it's Innovative simple and soothing.

Aathmavin from Amen and Aikbareesa from Mosayile Kuthira Meenukkal Sound designing and the way the voice has been used as an accompanying instrument.(Acapella)

Arun Kamath

Listened to your music in Shaitan and it was an absolute beauty I could actually forget my worries and listen to it .


I am a big fan of Lucky Ali, once he shared a post on FB regarding his song for the movie David, that's when I first heard of Prashant Pillai and since then I'm following your music. Your music touches the heart , I really loved the BGM of Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal . I really loved Anuraga Karikkin Vellam , there's something for everyone.

Bibin M

I worked on Prashant's projects 😊 and it's Unconventional and full of surprises.

I have to be biased here and say that my favourite song of his is Manogatham Bhavaan.

Mathangi Jagdish

I've been listening to your music right from the shaitan itself. I felt your music is different from others.

Vasanthamallike - a good classical song from a technically perfect musician.

Abhilash Sadanandan

Started following your work after watching movie Nayakan. The magical composition and Preethi Pillai's beautiful rendition of Lolalomayi made it one of my favorites.

And many others like Amen, Wazir, David... Recent hit Manogatham from Anuraga Karikkin Vellam is also excellent.

Tinu George

I came to know about Prashant ever since your first Malayalam movie release (Nayakan). Freshness and pure melody are the words I feel every time I describe your songs to my friends.

Karthik Gopal