10 things your children teach you

10 things your children teach you

The first 10 years of bringing up a child is a very steep learning curve for the parents. The children learn faster than us, but leads us into  relearning basic life values we forget as we try to keep pace with the fast moving world.

These are the 10 little things the children teach you, year after after year.

Year 1 –  Compassion
Year 2 –  Dedication
Year 3 –  Patience
Year 4 –  Talking
Year 5 –  Reasoning
Year 6 –  Stability
Year 7 –  Trust
Year 8 –  Faith
Year 9 –  Support
Year 10 – Independence

Stop. Hear and experience your child growing up. It’ll definitely make you a better person.


Ten until 10 – what your children teach you

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