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Take Control Framework Course

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Take Control Framework Course is made up of lessons, concepts and strategies I have learnt over the last few years in my creative career. These lessons could be your tool to take ownership of your life and open yourself up to a world of new thinking. 

This is not some average inspirational material. It’s not the one that will provoke you for some time and then fizzle out.

Take Control Framework is built on ideas that help you build strong mental modes and foundation for living the life you’ve always wanted. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Take Control Framework Course

Take Control Framework mindmap

– Building a Growth Mindset by taking control of your mind
– Building Optimum Health by taking control of your health
– Building Meaningful Relationships by taking control of your relationships
– Building Dependable Wealth Systems by taking control of your wealth

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Take control framework gives you a clear pathway 

This course is not about “how to become successful” but if you do what it says you will be much more be on the right path to be successful.

I can say that because you will learn how to set a clear off the things causing stress, anxiety and friction from your life, learn new skills and understand wealth creation successful business that sets you on a path of financial freedom.

Irrespective of where you are in life now you need to invest in building a rock-solid foundation for your growth and Take Control Framework is just that.

Does this sound familiar?

Have you got a dream?
But you struggle with money, stress at your work? 
Pressure from family and peers? 
You feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained when you set out to do something you love.
You get disheartened when things do not work out the way you expected it to.
You feel lost, and need reevaluate your life choices and fix things.

None of this is your fault.

You just are overexposed to so many life concepts. One’s that you have learned from books, videos, from friends and peers. 

You have applied the techniques and tips that you have seen and observed from people whom you know. You get lost in his tornado of ideas and things to do, that is being told to you by someone else. You get confused. You get stuck.

This happens because most of the guidelines and suggestions are too generic. They do not cover the core issue. That advise given to you might not apply to you as it does not consider where you are in life and what exactly you need.

And I was being faced with this cloud of doubt and confusion too.

But then I realized this can’t go for long. I had to take ownership. And I made a decision to change my life for the good.

I decided to focus on the things that are most important to me.

I curated, designed and structured certain systems that I now call the Take Control Of Your Life Framework.

What I’ll be teaching you

The take control framework is not a list of temporary or shortcut solutions. This is a brand new operating system for your mind, body, and soul.

You will have a completely fresh way of looking at things, and you will feel a sense of complete ownership of your life. I have learned these concepts in a very hard way. See I was an average kid who loved music, and I scaled all the way up to being a pan-India music composer.

I was someone who loved the sound. With that passion, I created a pathway to me that led me to two unthinkable milestones.

One is working with A.R.Rahman. The other becoming a station and programming head of a radio station managing over 25 people.

If this is not enough, today i’m also a successful online business owner. I’m an entrepreneur running a six-figure bootstrapped business.

This is a business I started a few years without any clout that my name and profession carries.

I started it from zero and now on the way to making it into a seven-figure business.

How could I have done all that?

It’s by taking control of things that I can control and pivot in the direction I want to head towards.

It’s by working with certain systems and workflows to achieve the goals I’ve set. Then taking them and replicating them over and over again.

Take control framework comes from the lessons that I have learned and adapted over a period of last 15 years.

Yes, I too, have learned from books, videos, podcasts, authors, and successful people. But how I got it working for me is by sourcing and filtering out the information that I put into action.

I knew what I wanted to take from each of these things that I learned and built it into my own growth system.

It’s true that now You can also take control of your life.

And here’s more great news.

This framework is not only about getting good at these six stages. It is much more. It is about enabling you to live a life of peace, happiness and joy.

I must tell you that this framework does not assure you that there won’t be any struggles or downtime in your life. It empowers you to fight it out with rock-solid, resilient mentality to face any kind of challenge, head-on.

This course is designed for you

This course is open for anyone who wants to learn and implement ideas to transform your life. 

So this course will work for you …

  • If you are looking for clarity 
  • If you want to reset your current struggle mode
  • If you are constantly pounded by emotional turbulences
  • If you want to improve your health 
  • If you want to learn how to increase your wealth 

Get started now enrol in the course for free. 

Enrol in this course now

This course is free? But why are you doing this?

I keep getting requests from people who need advice and guidance regarding their life and career choices. 

And when I dig in a bit deep I have found most of them have got a lot of unresolved issues that they need to fix to move to the next stage. 

Either they are not aware, or they have ignored it. 

Mostly they ignore it because they fear resolving things might worsen the situation.  

Most of these people’s turmoil came from not having a framework, a life system in place. 

And so I decided to create one to help them out. This is not something that one has to charge for. These are lessons that should be taught in every home, schools and colleges. 

 I want everyone to take this course and educate themselves of how they can better the current state of overall well-being and build and live a life of their dreams. 

Click on this link to enrol for this course. See you inside.

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