Hola Hola! My name is Prashant Pillai.

Prashant Pillai

Welcome to my little home on the internet.

I’m on a mission to transform the lives of creative people by guiding and teaching them to build a thriving business online. 

11 Point Bio 

  1. I’m a father, husband and a ‘constantly curious’ human being. 

  2. I also happen to be a music composer working in India. I have scored music for over 30 feature films.

  3. I help and mentor creative entrepreneurs that include freelancers, designers, musicians and just about anyone creative. 

  4. On my Youtube Channel, I make videos about music, tech, entrepreneurship, money, self-development and lifestyle. Check out some of my most popular videos.

  5. I curate a weekly newsletter – Insights and Wisdom. Each Friday you will find some of the best articles, books, podcasts, videos that I’ve been enjoying. You will also find my notes on helping you become your best version. You can signup for it here.

  6. I host a weekly podcast called Prashant Pillai Show. Every Wednesday, I cover topics ranging from happiness, creativity, tech, spirituality and overall wellbeing. 

  7. On this website, I write articles about music, creative career, creativity, entrepreneurship, and life advice that I have learnt and applied over the years. 

  8. I love Bangalore. But I am born in Pune. With roots in Thiruvalla, Kerala. 

  9. My favourite book is The Other side of Me

  10. I love a cup of black coffee. Also, I like relaxing in quiet coffee shops.

  11. I’m a keen observer of life and can bore you with deep life philosophies. 

Other Stuff

  1. I learnt graphic designing in my 10th grade and worked as a part-time graphic designer through my college years. This hustle lead me to become a tech nerd and computer music producer. 

  2. In late 2009 I started a company called Madras Blues – a music production company. I also quit my full-time job as a radio station and programming head to begin my career as a music composer for feature films.

  3. By early 2010 I taught myself to design and code WordPress websites. 

  4. In 2014 I started a side project that I have now scaled it into a 6 figure monthly business. 

  5. But the success of this business does not stop me from starting new projects where I apply what I learn, and most of the times end up failing. But the lessons from these failures help me build something better every single time.

You can Invest here 

  1. You can sign up for my productivity and lifestyle courses here that will help you become the best version of yourself – both emotionally and physically. 

  2. If you are a musician, you must sign up for a yearly membership of Musician Masterclass. It is where you learn concepts and approaches that will shape you into a smart and financially independent musician. 

  3. I also mentor growth-hungry people, including businesses through my one on one weekly coaching calls. 

Get in touch 

  1. Twitter – If you want to ask something that’s short tweet @iprashantpillai

  2. Ask PP – If you need to ask anything related to me, my music, tech, entrepreneurship or business head to Ask PP.  

  3. Instagram – You can also connect with me on Instagram @iprashantpillai. While on Instagram, you can reach out to me to tag your creative works. I do share them with my audience and also feature them in my weekly newsletter.

  4. Messenger – You can buzz me on messenger, and my well-organized bot will help you navigate through my work and life. 

  5. Email – If you have something longer to share with me, you can use this contact form. If you sign up for my weekly newsletter and reply to the email that you get the chances are higher that you will get a reply. 

  6. In-person – You can meet up with me when you apply for a job, attend one of my workshops, or are being mentored by me. 

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