Screw being perfect! Here’s why you need to show off your work now.

You try to be over perfectionists with your work, and constantly try and finesse it till the brightest speck and shine. Its definitely a good thing, however – it’s not doing you any good. And you’re losing out a lot!

How? This is my story

I constantly try and fine tune and polish a my music production upto a point where I feel it’s going to work. This takes- days, weeks, months and in some cases years. Finally when I decide to share the work – I feel I can do a bit more to better it. And then I restart the ‘perfecting’ process again. And the cycle continues and finally you’d never want that work to be out. You’ll want to start another one.

Same story for you?

So what you’re losing out here is the prospect of someone liking it the way it is and wanting to buy it, promote it or feature it. Or maybe even suggest some improvements or help you with some connections.  And you by keeping it nice and secured till the time you make a seductive piece of work – you would have lost out on so much.


Here’s why you need to show off your work now. – even if it is unfinished.

1. Get inspired and charged up

When making a painting, show off your progress – comment on it – explain your process. People will be surprised to learn the making of your art form and will encourage you and offer their support.

2. Validate your concept

When you let your work out – bit-by-bit  you can ask people if they would buy the finished product. You’ll get suggestions and ideas from them, which if required can be adapted into the making of your final work.

3. Build a community

This format of letting your work out will simmer a highly engaged community and they will help you reach out to a much wider audience when your ‘final work’ comes out.

In today’s clogged world of everything – just by being different and better won’t work. Come out of obscurity – share your ‘unfinished’ / ‘raw’ / ‘in the making’ work.

Make your voice and your work reached out.   As Chase Jarvis put’s it

Sharing your work is the first step toward breaking through.