Let’s Talk Music

Meet some of the best
creative minds in music


Prashant PillaiMusic Composer + Media Entrepreneur 

Join me and over 20 of the best creative minds that include musicians, artists, engineers as they share their journey of music and how they perceive, seek and attain happiness through music. 

Their stories of struggles, failures and  triumphs, will inspire you to be more passionate about the things you love to do and will help you being more purposeful and mindful in being happy.

Let's Talk Music is
online and FREE
from December 1-21, 2016.

The Let's Talk Music Series brings together some of the best musicians and creatives who'll speak on music, creativity, life and more in a candid one-on-one chat with
music producer Prashant Pillai.


Let's Talk Music Series

1st - 21st December 2016,
every night at 7 pm
on fb.com/prashantpillai

For 21 days you can listen, learn, ask and interact with
these uncommon creative minds in this
exclusive online conference

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The event will be streamed live from the super
awesome collaborative work space
in Bangalore - The Hive at VR Bengaluru

Who Should Attend?

Though this series is open to anyone and everyone, people who fall
in any of these categories will be most benefited

  • Music Composers / Directors / Producers
  • Musicians (Instrumentalists eg: Pianist, Guitarist, Violinist etc )
  • Singers
  • Music Programmers, Arrangers
  • Sound Engineers -  Recording / Mixing  / Mastering Engineers
  • Songwriters / Lyricists
  • Students 
  • Simple, plain Music Lovers 

The Guests

These are some of the confirmed guests to be featured in the
Let's Talk Music series. 

Dr. Prakash Sontakke

Singer, Slide Guitarist

Dr. Sontakke is a renowned Hindustani Classical Slide Guitarist and exceptional vocalist. He has pioneered playing the Hawaiian Guitar ,Weissenborns, Slide Guitar, Electric Lap Steel Guitars and the Dobro in Hindustani Style.

Karthik Srinivasan

Music Critic, Blogger

Karthik is a music critic, a hyper-active blogger and is best known for his highly popular music blog - Milliblog.

Preeti Pillai


Preeti is a singer songwriter and best known for her works with Prashant. Her songs in Shaitan, Amen and Music Mojo are loved world over.

Shreekumar Vakkiyil


Shreekumar is known for his mellow and soothing voice, and has sung a few highly popular film songs. He is also the founder of India's only Vedic Folk band - Sopanam Ensemble.


Shriram Sampath

Flautist, Founder - Filter Coffee

Shriram is best known for his folktronic band - Filter Coffee. He learnt the flute under Ronu Majumdar and has collaborated with some of the best names in Asian and World Music. He is a frequent collaborator on Prashant's projects.

Mathangi Jagdish


Mathangi is an insanely talented vocalist who has over 300 songs to her credit and is now known for her contemporary band - Ma Ja.

sanjeev thomas

Sanjeev Thomas

Singer-Songwriter, Music Composer

Sanjeev is a phenomenal guitarist, singer-songwriter, music producer. Known for his association with A.R.Rahman as a recording artist  and a  touring band member, Sanjeev has collaborated with Prashant  on David, Anuraga Karikkin Vellam and more.

Amrit Rao

Singer, Music Composer

Amrit is the face and lead vocalist of the satire band - Live Banned. He recently debuted as a music composer for a major Tamil feature film. 

Sankar Sharma

Music Composer, Music Programmer

Sankar is a find of Prashant who started out as an assistant programmer and hustled his way up to debuting as a music composer for a Malayalam feature film.

Arun Kamath

Singer- Songwriter

Arun is a wild-spirited vocalist who shot to fame in MTV Unplugged alongside A.R.Rahman. Based in Mumbai, he is one of the main singers for Amit Trivedi's live shows. 

Raman Iyer

Sax, Woodwinds Player

Raman is a seasoned Sax and multi-wind instrumentalist. He is known for rich music sensibilities who can adapt to both live performances and studio sessions.

Karthik Gubbi


Gubbi is one of the most original rappers from South India, and undoubtedly one of the best Kannada rappers.

Mahesh Raghunandan

Singer Songwriter

Mahesh is a super soulful singer songwriter par excellence.Known for his band - Mahesh the Mix,  he recently collaborated with Prashant  for a film score.

Siddharth Gautam

Guitarist, Singer- Songwriter

Siddharth is an amazing guitarist and vocalist known for his love for French / Polka / Jazz and has collaborated with Prashant for few of his film scores. 

Shravan Sridhar

Violin Player

Shravan is a multi-genre violinist known for his experimental yet soulful renditions. One of the most busiest live musicians, he has collaborated with Prashant in a few film scores.

Vivek Santosh

Teacher, Piano Player

Vivek - a jazz pianist, is the founder of the "Vivek Santhosh Trio" that plays some outstanding alternative + progressive jazz

Puneet Samtani

Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Puneet is a mixing mastering engineer who has worked with the genius Ranjit Barot. One of the most 'sorted' engineers, Puneet was instrumental in shaping the sound of Prashant's soundtracks like Amen, and David.

Gagan Baderiya

Music Composer, Studio Owner

Gagan is a singer, music composer nd studio owner of Audiokraft - one of the prime recording studios based out of Bangalore. He has been a key partner in supporting good music and talents across genres.  

Alok Kulkarni

Guitar, Bass Player

Alok is a genius guitarist who tours with musicians like Ash King, Pritam, Luke Kenny and more. He has been collaborating with Prashant right from the soundtrack of Shaitan.

Ben Sam Jones

Ben Sam Jones

Bass, Guitar, Trumpet Player

Ben is the most sought after bass players in Kerala. Humble and always willing to learn  Ben has also mastered playing the guitar and trumpet with an impeccable finesse. Prashant has collaborated with Prashant in a few soundtracks and live productions. 

Sunny Thunder


Sunny is an up and coming rapper and a brilliant visual artist. He is also super creative entrepreneur who has his own clothing line. 


Hari R

Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Hari is an up and coming mixing and mastering engineer who primarily works from MyStudio, Kochi.  He has worked on one of the mixes on Prashant's soundtracks. 


Prashant Pillai Music Producer + Media Entrepreneur 

You'll get to hear the journey's embarked on by these fantastic creatives with whom I've enjoyed working / collaborating with for my projects. 

I look upto them​ for the way they have chosen to stick to doing something they are deeply passionate about.

I'm sure you'll find them inspiring and will have something to learn and apply to your lives. 

The Giveaways

In addition to this awesome talk series, we've curated an 
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The FREE Download Kit

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You'll get a copy of my handy ebook
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Soul Singing and Songwriting Workshop
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Bass and Trumpet
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Ben Sam Jones

PASSES for Guitar Workshop
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Slide Guitar Workshop by Prakash Sontakke

Advanced Guitar Workshop by Alok Kulkarni

FREE Single + Songwriting Workshop by  Mahesh Raghunandan

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3 Track Mixtape and 15% off on Blindcloud Merch by Sunny Thunder

60-90 minute Bootcamp for Singers
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Workshop on
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Advanced Guitar
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A FULL Album for
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Meet your Host

Prashant Pillai

prashant pillai profile picture

Prashant Pillai is an award winning music composer who believes in being mindful and passionate in whatever one chooses to do in life. His purpose in life is designed around being simple, genuine and strives to learn, adapt and adopt things to make life better. Known for being hyper-active and multi-passionate Prashant is highly spontaneous and intuitive in his creative endeavours. Be it his music scores, or his media ventures Prashant loves the hustle to try and experiment to start something new.

Starting off his career as a sound engineer under music composer A.R.Rahman, Prashant is known for his works in Shaitan, Wazir, David, Chandretta Evideya and Amen which earned him the best music composer award. Prashant is the founder of Madras Blues - a premium audio production company and FutureBourn a premium content creation company.

Apart form being a music composer, Prashant is a content strategist and digital marketer, an author, a recognized leader, speaker, mentor and educator in his field.

Prashant’s new untitled book (non-fiction) will be released in January 2017.

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