13 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Music Production Online for Free

Thanks to Youtube, you can learn music production online for free and be a master at it.

When I was starting out, I used to dig into a lot of content on popular music magazine blogs like Sound on Sound, Computer Music and music production forums to read and learn insider tricks to produce new and interesting sounds.

In the last decade Youtube graciously ​played host to some of the best musicians technicians and music schools to put out their ideas, tips, tricks and techniques on music and music production - and from that point on there was no looking back!

Over the years I’ve been following some folks on youtube who started from absolutely nothing and shared and documented their journey into becoming the best music producers and teachers online.

With a ton of free tutorials online, music making and learning music producing music software has become a cakewalk. 

Now, you can own and learn  fully loaded pro DAW's or music production softwares like Ableton, Cubase or Bitwig  - and  belt out the next Billboard or Spotify hit by producing music from the comfort of your bedroom. 

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And to learn these music production softwares all you need are good teachers and mentors who can help you out with different aspects of music production.

Whether your burning question is - how to produce music for beginners ? or Where to learn music production online free ? Or How to produce music at home?  This curated list of youtube channels will help you become good at making better music.

Learn music production online

Below is the list some of the best youtube channels to learn music production online for free.

Enjoy this goldmine of resource for musicians and music producers of every experience level.

1. Point Blank Music School

Point Blank originates from the Mecca of Electronic Music - London.  With Masterclasses, FFL, Style Guide, Sound Design, Deconstructions, Ableton Live Streams and more Point Blank is the best place you can learn music production and much more for free.

I've spent hours and hours on this channel learning new things and improving my music production skillsets.

Here's one of their best videos listing the 10 most common mixing mistakes.

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2. DubSpot

Dubspot is one of the most popular schools  in Electronic Music Education. They curate a great community of like-minded DJs, Producers, Musicians, and Sound Designers who not only produce some kickass music but also are excellent teachers.

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3. Future Music Magazine

The Future Music Magazine guys put out some really incredible content with series like The Track, Steinberg Studio Sessions, Producer's Guide To… and the Production Tutorials on Beats, bass, mixing, mastering & more.

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4. Sonic Academy

Sonic Academy specialises in teaching mainstream EDM styles & genres. These classes are taught by Industry artists & professionals. Their Sonic Academy Tech Tips and Interviews are where you get to see some rich and engaging content. You also get to download free music samples and tutorials when you signup for their academy.

I learnt a lot from this interview with Disasterpeace known for his eclectic score in the 2015 Film - It Follows.

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5. Sadowick Production

Sadowick is another Youtube Star known for his highly detailed plugin tours that take you through core sound design, production and mixing techniques.

You’ll love his Ableton Live 9 Ultimate Course that’s a little over 6 hours long.

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6. Music Production Tutorials

Music Production Tutorials has classes and tutorials on Ableton, Cubase, Logic Pro, Maschine and Bitwig.

Danny J Lewis is a master teacher and he simplifies the most complex stuff with over hour long walk-throughs.

This video on Training Your Ears with SoundGym to become better at production, mixing & mastering is another learning level to notch one's music skills.

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7. ADSR Music Production Tutorials

A channel where you can learn sound design and synthesis with free in-depth tutorials, presets and sample packs for Massive, Maschine, Zebra, Sylenth, Reaktor, FM8, Ableton and Kontakt.

Love this Drumfill technique inspired from Major Lazer, Jack Ü and DJ Snake productions

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8. Multiplier

Multiplier has a channel dedicated on Ableton with in-depth tutorials on Massive and Serum Plugins. Based out of UK, his music coaching/Skype lessons are super valuable for those who want to hack into making better music using Ableton.

I love the Paper Shredder Bass Sound Design Challenge on this channel. True to his Brit Humour, Multiplier is one of those fun Music Producers to follow.

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9. Pyramind

Through MindShare, An Evening With…, The Breakdown and Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Reason and DJ Tutorials, Pyramid shares a good mix of content that caters to amateur to professional music producers.

This quick talk on How to make money on youtube with your music, will be a good resource for those musicians looking to make some extra money with side-hustle.

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10. Slynk

Slynk is a music producer who is part of the Collab Alliance, where some well known music producer take turn in producing tracks and sharing the making process with with the world. The Ableton Tutorials are loaded with immense detailing and will make you a better at sound designing.

You'll need this tutorial on how To Make Punchy Snares that sound huge and super tight. Super valuable!

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11. SeamlessR

SeamlessR is an uncrowned king of FLStudio, and has been producing some kickass content on his youtube channel.His Youtube Channel is mostly loaded with videos on "How To Bass”.

I love his take on Limitations and Creativity the two extreme things musicians deal on a daily basis.

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12. FACT Magazine

FACT is a highly acclaimed bi-monthly music and youth culture magazine based out of UK. Their game changing content which a gold mine for music producers is the “Against the Clock” Series.

Absolutely love this episode of the Against the Clock Series by Nite Jewel

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13. Cymatics

Cymatics is a recent addition to the list of music production channels on youtube. 

Primarily into selling presets and sound packs Cymatics puts out some kickass production hacks and techniques taught by a bunch of maverick music production nerds. 

Their video on insider tips to use Serum VST Plugin is one of the best content I've seen recently. 

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Enjoyed it ? Let me know of any other Youtube channels you've been following. You can share them in the comments below.