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This is Katie Bouman, and she could be your daughter, sister, wife, mother or a friend.

Katie Bouman’s Achievement

Yesterday Katie’s dream came true, and this picture of her excitement and disbelief emotes it.

I’m sure In the last few days you might have seen images of black hole floating around.

Well, it was Katie who developed the backend and the algorithm which produced the image of a black hole by pulling data from a massive array of Hard Disks. This is the first time this has been done.

I found Katie to be an inspiring figure.

And loved the fact that she is from the field of Tech & Astronomy.

A lesson from And her success has a lesson for me, and I will share that here.

Nurture and inspire women around you

Like I said earlier you can nurture and inspire women around you to push boundaries.

You can empower them by facilitating resources that’ll be a catalyst to their growth.

The more you encourage women in your life to take up challenging careers or start businesses – the world will be a better place.

You have the opportunity to transform the lives of your daughter, sister, wife, mother or friend.

Let them be what they want to really be. Introduce them avenues to that’ll leave them in awe. Let their world of ideas open.

The women in our lives need not be limited to a desk job or the kitchen.

Open up ways to make them more independent.

You’ll be happy to see your loved one soar in your infinity, and she will take you along with her abundant life. And you can provide for her…

Do what you can do. Do it NOW ….

Here’s how you can make her fearless and unstoppable

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– Buy her books – a lot of them – A LOT!

– Enrol her to a lot of courses

– Buy her tickets to reputed seminars and presentations

– If she is creative or not, teach her to code.

– Sponsor her a powerful laptop (read : MacBook Pro)

– Introduce her to a lot of influencers – both online and offline

– Download a wide variety of podcasts for her

– Teach her public speaking skills

– Teach her the art of selling

– Buy a website domain for her, set up an email id, ask her to build her own website by watching YouTube videos

– Get her to blog her journey

There are so many things you can do to make her feel powerful.

And if you can’t do any of this….

Make her feel Fearless and Unstoppable

Tell her that you love her and she has the freedom to choose what she wants to be.

She has the freedom to speak her mind. Tell her, she has every right to think big. And tell this daily, not once, tell her DAILY.

You have to build an environment in your house to make her feel Fearless and Unstoppable.

Empower her, like I’m empowering my 6-year-old daughter. (BTW, she has her own website.)

Share the true inner joy with her. Your loved one’s happiness is out there in wild Freedom.

Here’s to many more Katie’s in our lives.

Do share this post, it might inspire someone whom you know.

Also, take time to share your thoughts on what you’ve learnt today. Would love to hear from you.

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