Here’s why I am away from all the rut

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Does he not prefer going out anywhere? Is he always at home? Is he scared that people will recognize him?

My wife got questioned by a very concerned neighbour. We all have one, haven't we - One Overly Concerned Neighbour.

deeply concerned cat with notes

But the root of what she said, applies to me, I do not enjoy mingling  - a lot.

I do not like socialising - a lot. I do not like crowd - a lot.  

And to top it, I'm an outright awkward introvert. But mind you, when I find my tribe, you'll find it hard to chain me for my excitement, over sarcasm and life analogies.

So do I like Isolation?

Let's look at the definition of it.

isolated meaning

Isolation, isolated, isolate - it all leads to the definition of being alone.

So am I alone?

Have I kept myself in a setting that I’d like to be lonely?

The obvious answer is NO.

I have a beautiful family, with my 4 year old daughter leading the way for us. I spend good quality time with them - mostly at home, and at times, at our favorite hangout places that includes the occasional movies.

So, after diving into the realm of philosophies, I was able to catch my catch.

So, here it is - I’m not Isolated. But I’m insulated.

Insulated ? As in insulation???

You’d know what it is in electrical terms, that open electric wire needs some insulation.

Yes that insulation.

Insulation is the noun for the verb  - insulate. 

insulated meaning

So how exactly am I insulated or in insulation?

Let’s look at this wire …

insulated wire with notations and notes on it

Every wire starts somewhere.

And it leads to a point where it needs to open up. And that is to emit energy , maybe to light a bulb or power a fan or give water. It could be anything that it’s capable of.

The well insulated wire’s job is to focus on giving. If not insulated, the naked wire might devaste itself and everything around it.

Think about this ...
A well insulated wire is what has driven technology in which we are thriving.

Now, see the wire holding the bulb.

the bulb through wire line

The bulb here is lit by the insulated wire that carries it’s energy - uninterrupted.

It powers this bulb, and moves on seamlessly to another point where it’ll open up to light another bulb. And this will carry on till the maker of this chain chooses to end the light chain. 

You see where I’m getting to?

Just like that, I choose to be insulated from things, people and surroundings.

By doing so I ensure no one is hurt by the raw and turbulent behaviour an unfocused mind might drive me to. This might happen mostly when you chose to be in a situation where you’d rather not be.

It’s not just about hurting other people, it’s about not getting hurt yourself.

In untoward situations, it’s you who gets hurt the most, followed by it’s set of emotional imbalances.

And how do you avoid that? 

Have the Value Mindset.

Be of value. Give value. Receive Value.

Think of yourself as a wire, with a ton of positive energy, waiting to explore and expand yourself by giving what you have. To ensure that, you need to insulate yourself well from all the noise, distractions and elements that’ll keep you away from your goal. Choose to open up at places that’ll make you feel good and that’ll soothen your soul.

Insulation is not about not socialising, it is not about hating people.

It is about knowing who you are. And where you wish to be. And that place you choose to be should give you anything you seek.

And that goal of yours will come with self-realisation. And to be self-aware, you have to meditate.

To meditate you have to insulate yourself from all the distractions.


You see that, how it’s all a loop of infinity into yourself.

I choose to spend most of my time at home, finding new corners to write, research, make music and do things that pushes me off my comfort zone.

I’m working on things that’ll shape my future, I’m with people who are on this path, I interact with people who need help.

I’m that insulated wire that’s working hard to leave a lasting legacy - one that my daughter will be proud of.

So here’s your action plan

1. Focus on your core. Your ultimate goal.

2. Write down things that’s distracting you.

3. Begin Insulating and open up at the right places to explore.

4. Thank me later 😇

mummy insulated