I’m down with the Downgrade Syndrome

Downgrade Syndrome Prashant Pillai

Mid this year I had the urge to give up on things that were too heavy. I started out with my expensive and heavy watch. I stopped wearing it for a month and found it extremely satisfying.

I was less worried about maintaining it for sake of the cost and the 'perceived prestige' attached to it. This lead me to give up my car too and recently got myself a bike to take care of logistics. Like dropping my daughter to school. And having her wrap around my belly trying to lock her hands as she sits on the back seat, thrilled to catch a glimpse of life through her helmet's windshield. 

Downgrading has given my family and me immense happiness, because we now choose simpler things. Basic versions, which will get the work done.

The #downgrade #syndrome is the best thing to happen to me. Give it a try and it'll help you uplift your spirits and find happiness in simple things.

More of this as time takes me through the#90daychallenge

After sharing this post, it raised a few eyebrows just like my neighbours and also opened doors of ideas for a few.

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