My Business and Personal Goals for 2017

For the very first time ever, I’ll be publicly sharing my business and personal goals for 2017. 

And I’m sure it’ll raise a few eyebrows! But the core of doing this is to make myself more accountable and deliver on these promises. 

The power of sharing your goals publicly is immense. It builds up a positive pressure to take action, work and live upto your words.

Why am I doing this?

To make myself more accountable.

Rajnikanth puts it in simple words here in this video below :

To sum up what he meant is, "when you make a will you can always change it. But when you make a resolution out in the open, you have to live up to it. There's no looking back then."

"when you make a will you can always change it. But when you make a resolution out in the open, you have to live up to it. There's no looking back then."

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So, taking inspiration from some of my mentors, I decided to let go of struggling with self-doubt and letting myself be vulnerable, to bring in the good vibes and lasting change through my multi-passion projects. ​

The Not So Glorious Past 

I’ve been moderately successful at keeping my resolutions. I’d never taken my business and personal annual goals very seriously, until the last quarter of 2016.

Mostly my goals and deadlines were that sounded like ‘nice’ statements.

A classic one was "In 90 days I will lose 15 kgs of weight." With no actionable plan to back it up, I failed royally.

If I had stuck to this  goal which was a 90 day fitness goal, I would have lost over 15 kgs by now and been much fitter. 

But since there was no motivation, review or tracking for the goals - all of them were self-goals. 

There was no review in place and there was zero accountability.

The Turning Point

However, in the first week of November 2016, things changed and started working in my favour.

How ?

While religiously procrastinating, I was struck with the idea of hosting The Let’s Talk Music Series.

This is where, for 21 days I interviewed over 21 most creative minds in music, that I had access to in Bangalore.  

Below is day 17 of Let's Talk Music Series where I interview Singer-Songwriter and my sister Preeti Pillai.

And the series was a modest success, not for the stunning number of viewers, the reach and the huge email list that I accumulated. But it was a success for the reason of being consistent with outstanding content.

lets talk music series analytics

This chat with Preeti for Let's Talk Music Series had a very good engagement ratio

From 1st to 21st December 2016, I weaved this live candid chat series that was reflective and refreshing where I learnt different approaches and techniques that these artists applied in their journey to becoming a better artist.

I interviewed some outstanding musicians, sing-songwriters, rappers, bloggers and multi-passionate artists for some evergreen and inspiring content.

My father's role

The night of 21st December when I had a wrap up party for the series with a few friends and my team, I acknowledged the core idea of this series and my success at sticking to it, to my father.

An avid reader, curious learner and enthusiastic teacher that my father is, he kept prodding me and pushing me with practical life stories and examples sourced from his mentor - Jim Rohn

I’m so happy that I have started out on this beautiful series, that was an outcome of that little push and support I got from my father. I soaked in every bit of that positivity oozing out of the stories he narrated to me.

Subconsciously it nudged me to come out of my comfort zone and face the camera 'live' for 21 days on a trot.

Season 1 of Let's Talk Music Series has helped so many aspiring musicians and parents of aspiring musicians.

And I’m happy that I could be a catalyst to little changes that they will bring out in their lives to make themselves better at what they are doing.

The heart and soul of this change in my approach to life and business will be my father's legacy. I owe this transformation to him big time !

21st Jan 2017

So now that I’m charged up and have learnt a bit or two about consistency and discipline, I needed to chart my 2017 goal setting. And I chose the commencement date from 21st Jan onwards.

So why not start on 1st of January 2017 you may ask?

Well, to put it simply, I was held up with the score of Angamaly Diaries in Kochi and didn’t get real time to plan out things.

January brings in a breeze of hope and happiness for all of us, but for me and my family, it’s a cyclone of joy, happiness and togetherness as 20th January is my daughter’s birthday.

She turned four this year.

So as I write this on the evening before her birthday, without any further delay, self-doubt and FOMO, I chose 21st January as the day of implementing my business and personal goals for 2017.

I'm really excited about these life transforming goals, that’s going to keep me charged up for the rest of the year.

I’ve categorized my goals into core areas to track my overall progress.

Business Goals

Film Music

1. Work on lesser number of films

I’ve decided to cut down the number of films I will do in 2017 and forward. Primary reasons for it being, not finding challenging scripts and committed craftsmen aka filmmakers and producers.

Apart from the regulars Bejoy Nambiar, Lijo Jose Pellissery and a handful of few other directors I’ve worked with in the past and the one’s I look upto, I won’t be working with anyone and everyone for the heck of it.

 I’ll restrict myself to maybe 3 films in 2017.

2. Support and Score 2 short Films for Free

​To support young, amateur and up and coming filmmakers, I’ll be offering my music scoring services for free.

I’ve been following the works of some young talents and they’ve some insane ideas and more importantly have frugal pockets to execute outstanding piece of cinema.

I’d love to work with these guys. Seriously !

In 2017, I will score 2 short films for free, and to facilitate that, there will be a simple process.

I will announce my free dates and the filmmakers who would love to have my score for their films can submit their entry.

And I’ll select them on the likability of the script and the sensibility of the film-maker.

Mind you, this not an audition or competition. Experience, language, genre, length, etc is not a criteria here.  

Indie Music

3. Launch and Tour with a thriving band

Starting from 2011, I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a live ensemble, and sampled out ideas through Groove Loves Company, Filmy Breaks(2015), and a few secret projects.

I’ve tasted a fair amount of success with these projects, where people have embraced the music purely for the content and presentation and not from whom it’s coming.

But sadly I could not execute the project on stage and perform and tour with these concepts.

Again, there was lack of planning and the ideas were mostly instinctive and were done for filling in the 'free-time'.

So after years of toying and dark room experimenting, I’ll be launching 2 live projects - one with my good friend Shreekumar Vakkiyil and the other will be a secret project.

And we’re going to be touring around with our music, the sounds of which thrive on the idea of minimalism, good life and spirituality.

I aim to knock off a modest 4 live shows in 2017 for each of the live projects.

Mentorship /  Workshop / Courses

2017 on I've decided to share all that I've learnt about being a successful and thriving musician.  

And this is the best way I can help the up and coming creatives by guiding them through what I call the Support System for Creatives.  

The image below will give you a quick intro into what I've planned for helping creatives like musicians, authors, designers and more.

The content branching out of it will be designed to help you grow and attain your goals with a definitive purpose and direction.

Prashant Pillai Support System for Creatives

Prashant Pillai Support System for Creatives

A quick intro to Prashant Pillai Support System for Creatives

4. Mentorship Program

Starting March, I’ll be starting a paid 90 day mentorship program where I'll groom aspiring creatives to empower them to succeed in the highly competitive and digital world.

The candidates selected can learn every little thing I’ve practiced and followed to make a sustaining career as a creative.

Over the years, I’ve come across super talented folks who know they want to make a career on their own, but need someone to help them build their road map. And this mentorship will be an actionable guide that’ll lead them to their destination purposefully and mindfully.

This mentorship will not help you avoid hurdles, but will equip you to deal with them head-on.

The mentoring will be mostly online and there will be a few scheduled in-person meet ups where I will work through the candidate's monthly goals and career plans.​

5. Free Coaching Calls

Every month I’ll take free one-on-one coaching calls for 30 minutes each for 2 people who’re struggling with their personal and professional journey.

They can ask about their biggest problem or hurdle they face and I’ll try and find a lasting solutions for them that's backed with an actionable plan.

These coaching calls will start from mid-February 2017 onwards.

6. Workshops

This year I intend to host 4 live 2 day workshops in Kochi and Bangalore. It'll cover the core elements to make you excel in what you do to being a better creative person.

The workshops will be announced in the next few weeks.  

7. An Online Academy

As an extension to the live workshops, I intend to launch an online academy with courses on various topics on creativity.

Aimed at young and rising creatives, small business owners and soloprenuers, this will be where I will spend most of my time starting 2018.

It’ll feature short, snackable courses and workshops on music, design, films, photography, business, social media, tech and software training and more that’ll unleash the creative potential in you.


8. FutureBourn

This year FutureBourn will be launched through a few niche properties that primarily includes creativity, spirituality and health and wellness.

FutureBourn is a creative media network that provides high quality, entertaining but mindful content to a targeted audience, and this is the outlet to put my entrepreneurial skills to test.

This will have Youtube Content, Podcasts, Workshops, Consultancy that’ll play a catalyst of growth for small business owners and solopreneurs.

9. Blogging, Vlogging, Podcast & Videos

This year, I’ll share a lot of content from my personal and professional journey through blogging, vlogging, podcast and videos.

This includes social media live streams, tutorials, small events like the next season of Let’s Talk Music Series and more.

Financial Goals

Though I’ve not been actively tracking my income, apart from the annual audit that my CA does - I need to be a bit more mindful about the money I make and spend.

I’m very bad at managing finances and thanks to my wife’s amazing organizing abilities, I’ll be able to bring in some long-lasting changes in my financial habits.

Here’s what I’ve set as financial target for 2017 and here's where the eyebrows will rise.

1. Income

This year I aim to hit ₹X in revenue by impacting hundreds of lives through my music and business goals.

2. Investments and Savings

2017 I intend to invest atleast ₹X in a diversified portfolio.

I also intend to cut my expenses by 60% and be more mindful about my spends.

The x in the figure there has a number that's been classified, but I will share a detailed update on the yearly revenue by 31st December 2017.

Personal Goals

1. The Self Development Year

Being holed up inside the studio setting, I’ve been deprived of unbiased healthy conversations - mostly small talk.

In 2016, I took those little steps to move out from the traditional studio setting and work from a mixed creative environment. And the last few months have been amazing.

I’ve got to meet some interesting people from diverse backgrounds and mostly who have got nothing to do with music.

This offbeat and curious conversations helped me get better at communication and having more engaging and meaningful conversations. And in turn it's helped me churn out insane ideas for my ventures. 

Just like last year, I’ll invest in myself by attending various conferences, workshops, therapies and take a ton of online classes on varied subjects that interest me.

I’m going to exploit my curiosity to the fullest and review, retain and nurture the things that inspired me the most.

I’m also going to make it habit to share my journey through vlogs, blogs and other content that I deem viable for sharing.

2. Daily habits

a. The 5 Minute Morning Journal

This is one thing I’ll be practicing daily. It’s a simple morning ritual where you take 5 minutes to write down everything that’s on your mind.

It’s an exercise to empty your monkey mind that’s loaded with doubts, concerns, negative self-talk, stress points, issues and whatever garbage is starting to form inside your head.

Once you write down all that on a piece of paper, you’ll feel relieved and have a much balanced outlook for the rest of the day.

b. Reading

I’ve been a 'random reader’.

It means I pick a any book, any page and read a few paragraphs and soak in the information and move on. There has been no schedule, no set-time or goals to read.

Though this approach is largely helping me, I now see the need of finishing the pile of books I’ve been collecting over the last few years.

So for 2017, I’ll be keeping a modest target of 20 books that I’ll finish reading in entirety and in sequence, from start to finish. 

Anything in addition to this number, will be a miracle 😉 and I’ll make sure I’ll gift myself more books to read.

c. Practicing Gratitude

Though I’d been friends with a few people where sarcasm and cynicism was the norm, the last few years I’ve freed myself from those relationships that was poisoning the good that was inside of me.

I’m thankful to my instinct and inner voice that help me step back and take a new route to better myself as a human being.

Now I lookup to my parents, my family, my mentors and more importantly my little girl for inspiration to practice Gratitude.

I’ll make it a daily habit to practice gratitude and by the end of the year I should be in position to make a gratitude list for 2018 and be a master at the art of sharing, giving and being thankful.

3. Health, Fitness, Spiritual and Wellness

The lazy person and the super procrastinator that I’m - I’ll be on 90 day Fat to Fit Program and you can follow my journey here, where I share my diet plans and workout regimes.

a. Diet

This year I’ll be on a very simple but highly effective diet with the intention of staying fit and losing weight in the process.

I also have to get into the habit of drinking lots of water through the day.

Not having enough water is one of the main reasons amongst other that I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. 

b. Fitness

Starting 21st Jan 2017, I’m part of Cult Fitness and going to work towards burning my flabby fat to ashes and making myself feel fit and strong.

For that extra push, I would like to run one 5k marathon in 2017.

c. Spiritual And Wellness

Starting 2016, I started practicing mindfulness and that has been random - just as my reading habits.

But whenever I practiced, it did me only good. And to float and live life to the fullest, I'll be on a mindfulness retreat every day, every year for the rest of my life.

And my partner of peace will be the daily yoga and meditation practice with my favourite meditation app Calm. 

4. Family

People who are close to me know how much my family means to me. All my life’s decisions have revolved around them and it’s not going to be any different for 2017.

This year I’ll be moving into my new house, my daughter will be joining her first year of school amongst the other little joys in store for my family and me in 2017.

I also intend to take my family for 4 mini-vacations and 1 international vacation before the end of the year.

So now that you've read in brief about my idea for each of these goals, here’s the quick list of my goals.

My Business + Personal
Goals for 2017


1. I will make ₹ X in revenue by attaining my Business Goals by impacting and inspiring thousands of lives by 31st December 2017.

2. I will invest atleast ₹X  in a diversified portfolio by 31st December 2017.



3. I will limit the films I work to just 3 in 2017.

4. I will score for 2 short films for free to support in 2017.

5. I will launch a thriving performing and touring indie band with my good friend Shreekumar Vakkiyil  and kickstart the secret music project.


6. I will launch the Mentorship Program to guide people to move ahead in becoming better musicians.

7. I will coach 36 creatively inclined people on one-on-one free coaching calls and help them through their biggest concerns in their quest to become a thriving creative.


8. I will host 4 live workshops covering the core elements for being successful creative.


9. I will kickstart my creative media and content company FutureBourn with it’s scheduled plan for 2017.

10. I will publish 50+ videos on the Youtube Channel helping people in their journey ahead in tech, creativity and entrepreneurship.

11. I will publish 100+ blog posts on the Prashant Pillai blog

12. I will host the Let’s Talk Music Series Season II in 2017.


13. I will attend a minimum of 2 conferences and workshops in 2017.

14. I will write the 5 minute journal daily every morning in 2017.

15. I will read at least 20 books in entirety in 2017.

16. I will practice gratitude and start giving more in 2017.


17. I will eat healthy and nutritious food on time, every single day for the rest of my life.

18. I will drink atleast 4 litres of water, every single day for the rest of my life.

19. I will do daily workouts and yoga, every single day for the rest of my life.

20. I will practice mindfulness daily, every single day for the rest of my life.


21. I will spend more time with my family in 2017.

22. I will move into my new minimalistly designed house in 2017.

23. I will take my family for 4 mini-vacations in India.

24. I will take my family for 1 international vacation.

I'm super excited for this year and can't await to deliver on these goals.

With almost a year and half of multi-fold learning and understanding my strengths and weaknesses, I feel like I’m moving in the right direction.

I like this blend of  my multi-passionate projects and I know, this will make me a better ideator, executor and business owner. This goal-setting is going to help me to live my life with more mindfulness, purpose, love and gratitude. 

That said, I'm ready to accept graciously all that awaits this year - where I get to rise, fall, make mistakes, learn ​and become better at what I love doing the most. 

What are your priorities and goals for 2017?

Share them in the comments below. Would love to know them...