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90 day youtube challenge prashant pillai

90-Day Youtube Challenge For Creatives, Freelancers, Small Business Owners

The 90 Day Youtube Challenge is to help you – ‘creatives, freelancers and small business owners’.If you aren’t getting enough opportunities…You feel you lack purpose in what you’re doing…If you’re anything like me and have multiple passion and interests and do not know which one to pick and kickstart…Or say you’re having a Blueprint for […]

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Prashant Pillai Music Director Goals for 2017

My Business and Personal Goals for 2017

For the very first time ever, I’ll be publicly sharing my business and personal goals for 2017. And I’m sure it’ll raise a few eyebrows! But the core of doing this is to make myself more accountable and deliver on these promises.  Quick Navigation Business GoalsFinancial GoalsPersonal GoalsMy Business + Personal Goals for 2017 The power of sharing […]

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learn music production online

13 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Music Production Online for Free

Thanks to Youtube, you can learn music production online for free and be a master at it.When I was starting out, I used to dig into a lot of content on popular music magazine blogs like Sound on Sound, Computer Music and music production forums to read and learn insider tricks to produce new and […]

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The Music I was hooked onto in 2016

In 2016  I made an honest attempt to make an outreach to the up and coming and not so popular musicians​ in India. My attempt was to dig into deeper and discover new artists, songs and music genres. With a little of ‘Sherlock-ing’ a world of some exceptional music kept unfolding. I just loved the kind and quality […]

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10 dumbest ideas for music from clients and how to deal with them?

In the last ten odd years that I’ve been actively working on music both as a sound engineer and a music director I’ve heard all the possible briefs from clients that included film and commercial directors, producers, agency heads, and just about anyone who wants to pop in their two cents.I’ve been wise enough to […]

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The books that changed my life

Let me honest; I was not a big fan of reading. But after seeing my parents hooked onto books and magazines for hours together, much before the ‘Internet Godzilla’ took over the world, I got curious. I started picking up magazines, then graduated myself to books. Much of these books that were going to give […]

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Here’s a simple framework to find what you truly love to do

Struggling with finding what we really like to do is one of the biggest dilemmas most of us face. We strive to find what we truly like, what truly our passion is, and what exactly is our life’s purpose. Day in, day out we come across so many ideas and concepts that we think we must […]

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Want to work for someone you admire, do this…

At some point in life, we all admire and look up to inspiring people and we’d like to work for them, if not work with them.  Let’s call them – Influencers. Let’s face it, Influencers whom you admire – are always short on time, and wasting it is their least priority. Adrenaline is their healthy dope […]

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Screw being perfect! Here’s why you need to show off your work now.

You try to be over perfectionists with your work, and constantly try and finesse it till the brightest speck and shine. Its definitely a good thing, however – it’s not doing you any good. And you’re losing out a lot! How? This is my story I constantly try and fine tune and polish a my […]

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A R Rahman motivation inspiring

5 Things to learn from A.R.Rahman by Prashant Pillai

UPDATE : It’s been a  little over 5 years since I wrote this post. Glad to know that this post has been shared and circulated all over helping inspire and touch many lives. Thanks for all the love and appreciation for this article. Cheers, Prashant Pillai  Today, A.R.Rahman is a name known world over, thanks […]

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