You attract what you vibrate

You attract what you vibrate
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You attract what you vibrate
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You attract what you vibrate the wrong and right way

Not a big deal

"I have suffered from this problem for years”
“I feel I've been let down”
“This is unfair, I feel like bashing that one up”
One little rant here and there isn't a big deal.

Two Problems

But if you keep talking about your problems, two things will happen.
Number 1 : Firstly, you're only going to attract people who can withstand your complaining. Everyone around you is just talking about their problems and you're just agreeing with them. Then they come to you with their own problems! It's like a never-ending cycle of misery. You will eventually be surrounded by people who are grumpy, ranting, and always ready to spew their hate at everything and everyone.
Number 2 : The second reason is that if you complain constantly, you'll never grow. This is because you don't actually do anything about the problems you're having. You just talk about them. As a result, your personality changes. You become rough around the edges. And everything that comes your way is seen and done through this negative lens. You won't see the positive in anything you get.

Get off the bus

Let's say you're on a bus and someone steps on your foot. You complain to everyone around you about your fate and what you deserve. And what do you know, you attract all of these other negative people who start joining in on the complaining. Instead of complaining, you should have pulled your foot away or asked for help. If you cannot do that, get off the bus and wait for another one that feels safer.

Unseen reality

The unseen reality is, you keep attracting more negative people when you're constantly projecting your unhappy self. So keep an open mind, try to find a solution to your problems. If that's not possible, at least don't complain. Don't let ranting ruin your life, and try to view everything through a positive light, where everyone and everything is there to help you succeed.
Remember, what you vibrate is what you attract.
reading about being in a ”
Competition vs Collaboration
“ state of mind will help.

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