Us or I

Us or I
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Us or I
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When a riddle holds the mystery of “Us or I”

Let me ask you this riddle…

When I’m alone it is us, when together it is I
Who am I?
My daughter and wife had a fun time breaking their head on this one.
Think about it, I'll tell you the answer.


When we are alone, we think about how socializing will make our lives better. We want to meet new people, have interesting conversations, and share our experiences and stories. We fantasize about letting the me loose and becoming "us" by putting ourselves out into the world.
Once we arrive there, all we can think of is "me, me, me" and "I".
This is because when we are with other people, we begin to worry about what impression we are making and how we appear to them. We become concerned about our own thoughts and feelings, and how we are perceived by those around us. We become focused on the "me" instead of the "us".
Self doubt, judgement, prejudice takes over.

The Me

It's all about protecting the "I". We just want to get out of there because "I can't stand that conversation". Or we just want to find a place to hide because "I can't blend in with them easily". For example, when we are in a group of people with different values, we might feel uncomfortable and choose to leave the situation because we don't want to risk being judged.
Funny isn’t it.
The thing is, I need to make a group. When we're a group, I don't exist.

The question

So here's the answer -
When I'm alone, it's us, when I'm together, it's I.
It is : Cactus / cacti, it could also be Alumnus / alumni
A single me is cact-US, and group of me is Cact-I
The question is not whether we should be part of the 'us' or the 'I', but how can we learn to balance and integrate both in a way that serves us and those around us.

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