They will reject you

They will reject you
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They will reject you
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They will reject you to cover up their weakness
Because you show them the truth. You have reset their expectations of reality.
They will keep dissing you for it. But they will follow you from the sidelines. They will map all your moves. They will study your lessons and wisdom. All this to belittle you even more.
Only to realise that there is some gold in your vision. They will then iterate your ideas. They will try to make it their own. They will blend it in a way to cover up their weaknesses. They will hide behind the veils of hate and weakness. They will preach the same lessons you shared. They will see some followers and some success. They now think they have made it. Soon they will be shamed for being a cynic. Now that everyone is aware, they can trace the lessons back to you.
And there you will be, Still standing tall with what you believe in. Fearless now that you are, you have built tribe a following with love and gratitude.
Still sharing your truth to uplift your soul and others too.

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