The more you try to hide

The more you try to hide
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The more you try to hide
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The more you try to hide, she will haunt you
The more you try to hide, the more you're in the spotlight.
You'll see that if you try to abstain from things in life, they somehow find a way back.


My goal was to work on fewer films each year, which I have achieved.
However, I noticed something interesting when I tried to reduce my workload.
Now that I work on fewer films, I get more calls from people who want to work with me.


While I am grateful for these opportunities, I did not want to do these films now.
I have my reasons for it.
The scripts were the same, so there was nothing new I could do.
The current spree of stories and scripts doesn't excite me as much as it once did.
And my main reason for reducing my work was so that I could spend more time with my family and expand my ecommerce business.
Also, I wanted to get into mentoring young artists to build thriving careers using this thing we call the internet.

But then...

The more I got away, the more opportunities followed me.

Streisand effect

Apparently, it is known as the Streisand effect.
A Streisand effect occurs when an attempt to hide or remove information has the unintended consequence of making it more widely known. That is exactly what is happening.
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Should I?

A film director recently reached out to me about collaboration for his next project, despite knowing that I have moved to Canada and will be working 100% remotely.
Will I work on this one? Should I?
I'll let the Streisand effect strike.

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