Tackling the big stuff

before you know it, you're ready to tackle the impossible.

Tackling the big stuff
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Tackling the big stuff
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The simple secret to tackling big stuff in life
So, you see this big goal and you're all excited, right? It's like, "Wow, this is gonna be amazing! I'm gonna be like a superhero or something!" And you don't even think for a second that you might fail.

It’s hard

But then a few days in, it's like "whoa, this is harder than it looked." So, most people, they just give up at this point.
But not you, no way! You're a pivot kind of person. You adjust your goal and try again. And that's the key, my friend.

The Climb

Because if you want to tackle the big stuff, you gotta start small. It's like climbing a mountain.
You don't just jump right to the top, you work your way up. You set little goals for yourself and you achieve them.
And it's a great feeling, right? It's like "hey, I did it!" And then you set the next one a little bigger, and you achieve that too. And before you know it, you're ready to tackle the impossible.


Just like this mountaineer, Nirmal Purja, he climbed Mount Everest three times before he decided to take on the crazy goal of climbing all 14 eight-thousand meter summits in seven months.
And you know what? He did it!
Because he started small, and he built up to it.

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