The magic in starting small

The start is where all the magic is really.

The magic in starting small
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The magic in starting small
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The magic in starting small, very few want it.


The start is where all the magic is really.
When you start creating, your brain and heart operate in beautiful harmony to come up with the ideas, concepts, storyboards, treatment notes, and breakdowns for your ultimate creation. You’re wizard like now.
And all this is not about making it big or proving a point.

Let it brew

It is this little start and everything that your mind brews that will define you as a creator.
There are reasons you select certain ideas over others, why you disagree with a common and safe suggestion, and why you embrace a risky choice.
You might feel like you don't know what you're doing or where you're going. It does not matter because you've got it figured out.
Even if everything you do fails or is imperfect, just embrace everything that came along with this creation. Trust this small beginning. Give it all your love and faith.
There is no way to repeat this magic. Celebrate your small starts.
Ps :
These were some of my gears when starting out on my music journey. I loved it, and would trade my current setup for this one
A 2mb ram workstation similar to the one I had
A 2mb ram workstation similar to the one I had
A ₹60 Microphone
A 60 Microphone
A Philips walkman headphone
A Philips walkman headphone

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