Passion comes last

…but your actions can’t.

Passion comes last
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Passion comes last
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Passion comes last, when you focus on…


There may come a time when you have to temporarily put aside or delay your dreams in order to focus on practical responsibilities.
It is important to embrace this situation and commit to your work, even if you don't enjoy it at first, as it can provide valuable opportunities for growth and development.
By consistently putting effort into your job and striving to be the best at what you do, you can learn new techniques and bring in ideas from your other interests to make your work more enjoyable.


Over time, your dedication and skill may make you irreplaceable in your field and allow you to demand a higher price for your expertise. It is possible that you may even come to love what you initially disliked about your work.
Once you have reached this level of proficiency and mental toughness, you can use the skills you have gained to pivot towards your old or new interests and eventually become passionate about them.

Passion can come last, but your actions can’t.

Passion is not always found at the starting line, but through the journey of what lies ahead of you.

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