No more prescriptions

No more prescriptions
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No more prescriptions
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No more prescriptions, because medicine isn't the answer to everything.


In a culture where pills are handed out like candy, it might be easy to forget that medicine isn't the answer to everything. Truth be told, the issue is not with the prescriptions themselves but with how we handle them.

Don’t know

Prescription drugs are able to provide the rapid gratification that so many of us need. Nevertheless, the availability of a prescription does not guarantee that it will be effective for every patient. Actually, we learn what does and does not have an effect on our bodies by a process of trial and error. If we don't take the time to research a drug and its potential consequences, we can't possibly know if it's safe for us to consume.

Alternative Path

When conventional medical treatments no longer ease the symptoms, patients often look towards alternative healing methods. The quest for natural remedies is never-ending since each one offers a fresh perspective that doesn't centre on drugs.

What is needed

Faith, trust, and patience are necessary for any kind of transformation, whether you choose the pharmacological way or not.


The same holds true for any advice you receive, whether solicited or not. You're being given this recommendation for a purpose. Believe what you are told, do what you are told, and then return in a few days or weeks to see whether it has worked. If so, you should commit fully; otherwise, try something else.

Fair Shot

The best way to find out what works best for us is to try different things, have faith, and track our progress. Don't rule out any option before giving it a fair shot, whether it's a prescription drug or advice on how to live your life. Embrace the process of learning, be patient, and always be ready to make changes as needed.
In our prescription-based society, the choice to not require a prescription is itself a prescription.

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