Music will reveal itself

It’s never about the ideas, it’s about what you do when it comes to you.

Music will reveal itself
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Music will reveal itself
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Music will reveal itself is a post on the process of freeing up the flow of ideas
You have to work on letting all your ideas flow freely first.
Most musicians get stuck because they filter and refine their ideas so much.
They overdo it.
And then they are saturated. They can’t come up with any more ideas to complete the song.


Instead, the focus should be on letting your ideas flow freely, uninterrupted.
Capture those ideas as they are.
Document it; stack it.
It's now time to deal with the raw ideas.
Like a sculptor who slowly chisels out stone, you can bring your music to life.


Music will eventually reveal itself.
It will be beautiful.
And in the process, you will become an irreplaceable craftsman.

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