You Like because, Love despite

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You Like because, Love despite
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You Like because, Love despite
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You Like because, Love despite is a phrase when understood right can change your life.

like because…

You can like someone because they're funny, interesting, or smart.
If you like someone, it's because they made you feel special, loved.
There are many reasons why you should and can like someone or something.
And it always starts with a because.
You will only like it if it is good for you or good to you.
The day it stops being good to you, you move on to something or someone else.

love despite…

Now, when you love someone, you love them despite their failings.
You love them despite them making you miserable, them giving up, them not respecting you, and them not changing.
Your love is so deep and profound, your loves comes from empathy and care. You don't expect anything in return, you keep loving them despite it being of no benefit to you.
Chances are, if you like something, you will conveniently throw it away or ignore it.
In contrast, when you are in love, you will care as though it were forever.
Whenever you make a difficult decision about love, career, relationship, money - sit with it and reason with logic. Ask yourself - I like because...., I love despite... You'll save yourself from potential miseries.

A subtle difference

When you "like because"….
The focus is on perfection and ego.
When you "love despite"....
The focus is on imperfections and empathy.

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