It’s Never about the Answers

It’s Never about the Answers
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It’s Never about the Answers
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When trying to grow it’s Never about the Answers
It is the questions.


The best questions come from a place of curiosity. Nobody ever found the joy of learning without first asking questions.
Since answers are just a click away, reading a snippet makes you feel smarter than everyone else.
You only ask questions to show how smart you are. So now the way you ask questions makes you look even smarter. Your ego will try to keep you from looking stupid.
Asking questions doesn't make you stupid, but if you ask the wrong ones, it might.


Reading a lot will help you ask the right questions. Start doing reading sprints.
Dive deep into topics, take notes, and let it push you. Think as a scientist would. Get rid of your biases and prejudices.
This reading marathon will leave you with a wide range of unanswered questions. Things that will keep you up at night. These questions do not start with "What is...?


Remember that asking questions does not make you foolish; rather, it makes you wise. It's the wrong questions that can make you look stupid. Don't be afraid to ask questions or to be wrong. The best questions are the ones that make us want to find out more, ask more questions, and learn more.


A good question can help you figure out how to solve your problems and end your misery. A good question can bring wealth, good health, and wisdom. A good question comes from the desire to add value to your life and the lives of others.
A good question begins with "Why is..."

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