It's time to get them back

Javed Akhtar's line "in the rush to catch the gravy train, we have left much of our own luggage behind, it's time to get them back" stuck with me.

It's time to get them back
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It's time to get them back
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It's time to get them back is about how an urdu discourse taught more about India
Just recently, I became interested in reading history, especially the history of India.
I was never interested in reading history, considering how I struggled through it in school.
The fascination started when I saw a video on the Urdu language back in December 2022.
The session was led by Rekhta, and Javed Akhtar spoke with all of his wit and passion about where this ancient language came from.

More than just what I asked for

In that brief speech, I learned as much about India as I did about Urdu.
In a fireside chat about Mirza Ghalib's insights and lessons, Javed Akhtar delves further into the origins of language and shares incidents from Ghalib's life through his poetry.
The casual deep dive into Urdu and the history of India hooked me.
The abundance, love, and peace I have in my life are the result of the sacrifices and enlightenment of the people of our history. Our country has been built by more than just freedom fighters and legends, but also by the smallest and the most unknown.

Why go so far?

In our own family history, we may learn about our great-great-grandparents, and how much they endured in order to give us the life we cherish and value.
This feeling is completely different and unique. It's not just pride, it's something different - I can't describe it. All of this reading I've been doing lately has made me more humble, grounded, and grateful.
Go to Amazon Books and filter down to the history section.
Look at their titles and table of contents, and you will notice that no other country in the world has as much history as India does.
India has gone through so many different and radical changes that it has given birth to more thought leaders, inventions, works of art, music, poetry, festivals, and rituals than any other country.

Get off the gravy train

Javed Akhtar's line, "In the rush to catch the gravy train, we have left much of our own luggage behind, it's time to get them back." stuck with me.
And the best way to get back what was once ours is to read our rich history.

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