The life of impressing and impersonating

Break out of the imitation trap

The life of impressing and impersonating
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The life of impressing and impersonating
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how to avoid living the life of impressing and impersonating


The aim is to be unique.
It's natural to imitate and copy others when you're just starting out. It is an organic process.
Much of how we are built comes from subconsciously cloning habits, rituals, methods, and processes from other people. We change these things later, when we no longer relate to them.
When it comes to creation, things get weird. Many struggle to form their own identity because they are in a loop of misery.They can’t get out of it.


We can explain this by looking at the life of a singer. When they're starting out, they look up to legendary singers. They spend months and years trying to sing like them.And as time goes on, they are labeled as a clone singer.
They get all the praise. They make money along the way. Over time, they dissociate themselves from their identity as copycats.

They try hard to change.

Eventually, they lose their borrowed identity as well as all the opportunities and praise that came with it. Their fear of losing everything now prevents them from changing.
Countless singers, musicians, and even creators fall into this imitation trap.
The way to be unique is not to emulate one, but many.

Open your sources of inspiration far and wide.

Don't be afraid to read, watch, listen to, and consume anything that stirs up your emotions. Let that knowledge challenge you, make you question yourself, and make you angry, upset, and joyful at the same time.
In time, you will realize how biased you are, and there is so much to learn and improve. Work toward building your character and identity with practical knowledge.
Test everything you learn, see what stays and what needs to go. Eventually, you'll discover and embrace your uniqueness.
That is the day you will stop living the life of impressing and impersonating.

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