I’m listening to the feeling

I’m listening to the feeling
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I’m listening to the feeling
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What really happens when you say “I’m listening to the feeling”?

I’m listening to the feeling

That is what music producer Rick Ruben said hen asked what he was listening to.
Rick's fascination with feelings makes him a most sought-after music producer. He has a knack for picking songs that musicians consider throwaway pieces and turns them into best selling gems. It all comes down to feeling your feelings.

Nothing Deep

In order to understand what is happening to you, and why you are doing certain things in a certain way, you have to feel your feelings at times.
When angry, you scream.
When heartbroken, you cry.
When happy, you smile.
These are emotions that come from a place of templated living. Those emotional responses are familiar to us from our childhood. There's nothing deep or meaningful about it.


Regardless of the emotional episode, if we sit with ourselves for a few minutes, it will reveal to us what is inside of us.
Your feelings will always reveal the truth.
"The melody awakens something in me, something familiar and yet new." Rick continues.

Keep listening

The world will become a kind, warm, and compassionate place only if more people sit with themselves and feel what they feel.
Just keep listening to your feeling.

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