20 New High Income Skills for creators (Recommended)

Learn the evergreen high income skills to help you build recurring income

20 New High Income Skills for creators (Recommended)
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20 New High Income Skills for creators (Recommended)
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A collection of High Income Skills for creators
Recently in an Instagram post, I had shared a list of high-income skills one must own to secure their future.
Recently in an Instagram post, I had shared a list of high-income skills one must own to secure their future.
It got quite a few people interested after I promised to share with them the list of 20 High Income Skills one must have irrespective of what they are doing now.
You could be a musician, designer, choreographer, writer – or just about anyone creative.
Whatever is your core passion now, mastering high-income skills that’s aligned with your interests will help you scale your current money power.

What are the High-Income Skills?

High-Income Skills are the skills that earn you a minimum annual six-figure income. They are skills that can fetch you $10k to 20k per month and upwards.

What are some examples of high income skills?

These are skills that are directly related to what the market needs. And most of them are evergreen skills – meaning, skills that will be handy for the rest of your life.
All the growth of this business has been organic.
You must realise that people who have high-income skills are positioning themselves a layer above than the rest.
This is your assured way to be financially independent for life.
So here’s the list of high-income skills you must learn.

List of 20 High Income Skills

1. Copywriting

Copywriting involves writing emails, landing page copy, Facebook ads and much more.
Copywriting is a job that involves writing emails, landing page copy, Facebook ads and much more.
With online business profits surging, a copywriter is the highest paying skilled job in the market. So if you are good with writing, polish up your skills and understand what the market needs and deliver.
If you can get to write like these high-income skill pro’s  Andrew Chaperon,  Russell Brunsen, Neville Medhora and  Derek Halpern you can easily make more than 7 figures recurring income.

2. Digital Marketing Consulting

Many businesses are struggling to establish their online identity.
Start a digital marketing consulting business that can provide end to end Internet marketing solutions.
Learning this ‘consulting’ skill can make you an assured recurring active income. If you are good with the social media game and can drive engagements you can get into consulting.
Neil Patel Digital the consulting offspring of Entrepreneur and Marketer Neil Patel is a classic example of how you can expand your personal brand.

3. AI / Voice / Future Tech Development Expert

This is something I love. Mid 2018, I hired an engineer brain to work on  Smart Speaker Technology Apps.
We taught ourselves to code and design custom Alexa skills.
Within 6 months, we executed and launched 39 active skills. They amassed over 5000 active users.
We also got recognized by Amazon with perks and one of them being a collection of 4 Alexa devices.
People who learn to develop voice-based skills for Alexa for brands can earn money ranging from $8 – $10K per skill.

4. Branded Video Creation

This is one skill that can take you places.
Photographers and videographers should maximize their potential here.
There is a huge opportunity in the corporate sector to capture Gary Vaynerchuk’s DailyVee type of content.
The content is a daily vlog. It captures the essence of the entrepreneur and business. The job involves following clients documenting their day and chopping it up into an entertaining vlog format.
This video model is catching the world over and helping brands and their CEO’s explode into their markets.
Start a business that provides your clients content ideation and scheduling services clubbed with the video documentation, then this high income skill can earn you an upwards of $10 – $15K money per month.

5. Branded Podcast Creation

Spotify recently acquired  Anchor and Gimlet Media.
The investments made by Spotify scream out a sign of huge opportunity for musicians, sound engineers, music producers and even singers.
How you may ask?
If you are creative enough and technically sound, you can design and develop podcast shows and series for the corporate sector.
There are brands who are looking for ways to connect with their prospective audiences by not being pushy with loud adverts and commercials.
They have realised that podcasting is a powerful way of building engaged communities.
A company by themselves will not be able to execute a podcasting strategy.
Below is one of the brand podcasts. It’s for the brand Blue Apron which was produced by Gimlet Media. Listen to this episode to get an idea of how to design a branded podcast.
Your High Income Skills can be put to use with your creativity by offering – Podcast Programming, Podcast Editing, Podcast Scheduling, Podcast Graphic Design,  Podcast Marketing services.
These are just a few of them that you can kickstart with. Podcasting still is in its nascent stages, and you can rule over it by mastering the podcast creation skills.

6. Public Speaking

Do you have good speaking skills?
Are you being specifically praised for the clarity in your speech and how you are able to convince people around you?
If so, you can master the Public Speaking Skill. The only high income skill in this list with instant gratification. The feedback, appreciation and engagement you get with this skill is soul-satisfying.
It’s not just on the internet, but there is a demand for good speakers for in-person corporate events.
Corporates from diverse industries and specifically the education sector globally are looking for  powerful speakers  to educate and inspire their workforce and students.
If motivating people with a clear and specific actionable message is in your DNA, you can take a good share of the money that is there in this field.
A few years back I had taken  Chris Anderson’s course on Public Speaking. Chris is the founder and curated of TED Talks. And it helped me understand the core concepts of sharing powerful ideas.

7. High Ticket Sales Expert

Knowing how to sell a product – not once, but repeatedly and at scale is an art.
Selling requires an understanding of the business model, product and the client requirement.
When you can successfully be the dependable bridge to connect the product to the end consumer, you are in the top 1% of high income skill earners again.
Now selling here does not refer to small valued products.
What I’m referring to are high valued products. products that cost five figures and above.
These are Product and Services highly-priced and most are attached to top-level experts, internet businessmen, influencers or celebrities.
People who master this skill earn money ranging from $20k to $50k per sales cycle.

8. Chatbot Marketing Expert

Building Chatbots is the easiest in the list of Skills you can master.
Chatbots are part of a brand’s content strategy.
Chatbots are also an effective way to engage with a well-curated community.
There is a rising belief that Chatbot marketing is going to overtake the grand old Email campaigns.
That said, I had a fun time creating Chatbot for my business and for my own brand.
You can try the  Prashant Pillai Messenger ChatBot that was built using Mobile Monkey.
Learn the basic wire-framing and the blueprint to develop a conversational bot. This business can help you earn money ranging from $1k to $5k depending on the complexity of the bot.

9. Sales Funnel Expert

A sales funnel expert is someone who is a master of analytics, optimization and conversion.
Conversion here refers to sales. Sales that’s mostly online.
I started off learning about sales funnels using Clickfunnels, and then later moved on to Thrivecart for my businesses. As a Sales Funnel expert, you can be hired in the B2B or B2C domain.
You can build a good internet consulting or service business around developing sales funnels. Every business needs strong sales systems. When you master the art of online sales, you can earn money ranging from $3k to $10k per funnel you develop.
Below is the GIF of Funnelytics a sales funnel and tracking software  that I’m using for
notion image

10. Email Marketing Expert

Email marketing is definitely not dead.
Many brands and entrepreneurs still struggle to implement an effective marketing strategy around emails to boost their business.
Club this skill with copywriting and you are opening up yourself to a world of opportunities. With this High Income Skill you can create effective marketing campaigns for SAAS, FMCG, Health and Fitness and more booming industries.
For my businesses, I currently use  Convertkit,  Mailerlite  and  ActiveCampaign  to send out emails via complex automations.

11. Coaching

Coaching and teaching require a completely different skillset.
If you are good at mentoring and teaching, it does not immediately qualify you as a coach or teacher.
A pro-level coach is someone who is empathetic, understanding and brings in life-transforming changes into peoples lives.
There is a need for Professional Business Coaches, with the current rise of young and naive CEO’s and leaders heading million dollar startups.
Right business coaching and mindset and skills training for them will help them balance out their undying passion for their business. It’s also easy for you to double up as public speaker and coach and mentor at scale.
A thorough training and real life case studies in your portfolio will make you a top notch High Income Skill earner.
  • I’ve been following the works of Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham. A quick run through their list of clients will get your calculators reading a 8 – 9 figure coaching fee.

12. Productivity and Systems Expert

This high income skill mostly relates to building dependable productivity systems for optimized working conditions.
This job also involves you to research and analyse work culture and its effects.
You will be designing customised working systems across departments for the workforce to work effectively.
Your clients can be startups and large scale companies who are looking to diversify and scale.
The productivity and systems expert can save millions of dollars for the client for whom they can create systems that are easy to follow and monitor.
I recommend you reading Jason Fried and Jeff Sutherland’s books to help you get an understanding of what this role might need from you.

13. Meditation Expert

One of the projects I’m involved in right now has my sister working as a meditation expert.
The meditation expert in the corporate, education and health sector is like a healer.
With the focus being on inner joy and overall wellness, mastering the art of meditation and mindfulness can pay off in the long run.
notion image
It’s very recently that I learnt about  Ziva Meditation  and it’s founder Emily Fletcher. What she promotes and teaches are customised and top-notch meditation programs designed to elevate core experience from within.
You can also follow Tara Brach one of the most popular meditation and mindfulness experts. You can learn a lot from her  live sessions and interviews on podcasts about meditation and infinite living.

14. Webinar Expert

There is a huge demand for salesmen who are good at webinars.
Webinars are still being used as an effective tool for prospecting, lead nurturing and sales.
In the video below you’ll see how Dan Lok takes us through a case study of how Matt drove $89K in Webinar Sales making him a reliable High Income Skill Earner. It’ll give you an idea of what potential being a webinar expert has.
I’ve currently use Zoom, Big Marker and Webinar Jam for my businesses effectively and these help in contributing to the six-figure income.

15. Investing

The skill of Investing is one that is getting rarer by the day.
I’m not talking about traditional investments in stocks and real estate.
Yes, that still works.
But what I’m focused on is curating and investing money in skills, companies, influencers.
Follow the investment journeys of people like Naval Ravikant, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ryan Serhant, Warren Buffet to up your investing skills.

16. Online Events Marketing

There has been a recent rise in online events and virtual summits.
If you love social media, people and are good at digital marketing – learn to market online events.
The high-income skill of running your own online events or consulting for a needy company can help you to earn $15 – 20k of money every month

17. Coder / Software Developer

Makers are being revered across the Tech field. Their skills can be ranked on top of the High-Income Skills List.
If you have an idea and know to code, you are indispensable.
All you need is your super coding cape and your vision to develop life-changing products and services.
Recently, I have seen so many amazing makers who have launched the unthinkable products online.
Also, there was a recent thread on twitter where I was introduced to a brilliant club of makers. Let’s start with Pieter who share his success story with his creation of remoteok.io that makes him $35K in MRR.
It’ll be an enriching experience to read business and life stories of people like Nathan Barry from Convertkit and Sahil Lavingia from Gumroad.

18. Growth Hacking / Marketing

This is my favourite high income skill of the lot – Growth Hacking Expert or a  Growth Marketing Expert.
Speed and results are your best friends here.
The growth marketer can create internet marketing campaigns and generate quick results in increased consumer acquisition, awareness, and relevance among the target audience.
I’ve applied a lot of the popular growth hacking approaches to pivot various aspects of my online business.
It requires patience for sure. I’ve learnt that having by developing a non-disruptive fallback mechanism mindset comes in handy when these growth experiments do not work.
It’s a sophisticated job and requires you to be a super generalist.
It means that you need to have knowledge in all the fields of digital and traditional marketing. Reading up about ace growth hacker and marketer  Josh Fechter’s own growth story will get you scribbling a lot of ideas.

19. IT Systems and Network Engineer

Tech is getting sophisticated.
AI, machine-based learning and robotics base tech are rapidly increasing.
And all of it is built on strong networking.
The job of a Systems and Network engineer is not that of a handy technician anymore.
This High-income skill requires top-level troubleshooting skills clubbed with precise execution.
You can master your geeky skills and be of high value to a rising catalogue of startups in the AI, VR, AR, Machine learning, and Robotics domain.

20. Customer Success Engineer

Your job as a  customer success engineer is more like a happiness manager.
The job involves you to come up with creative ways to onboard a client, and retain them for as long as possible. This is a tough job, but if you’re a people’s person, this high income skill will make you bank account happy.
You need to have the right communication and outreach systems in place to keep the consumer hooked on your product or service.
As they say, leveraging and upselling to your current buyers is more profitable than finding new ones to sell to.
With this, I end this exhaustive list of high income skills you as a creative person can learn and master.
Remember to pick one or more skills from this list that you can relate to, or that’s part of your previous skills.
I would suggest you to avoid jumping into this blindly just because it’s high paying. Craft your way into being an invaluable asset with your knowledge and results.
People who can help employees mentor through their personal and professional life conflicts and do not consider it a job can demand any range of money as monthly compensation.
The same position in an HR role will that of the likes of  Claude Silver  who is a chief heart officer at Vaynermedia.

Your takeaway

1. All these high income skills need a certain level of learning. Remember money will come when you master the skills.
2. Deep dive and see which high-income skill suits and interests you.
3. You can learn about high income skills from both free sources and paid sources online. Youtube videos, Udemy, Skillshare and blogs, training programs and courses by influencers will be a good place to start.
4. The key here is to find projects to implement and experiment with your high-income skill learnings. Initially, you can build, develop and work on your own side project to gain experience and momentum.
5. Your goal in life should be to add value and drive successful results. Back it up with good content and solid numbers (data/analytics).
6. These results and your documentation of it will be used to build your authority in that skill.
7. This will open up opportunities for you to scale up from your present state to become a high-income skill earner.
8. Life can get tough, and in those tough times, it’s the money power that helps you neutralize the situation. My advice to you is master as many as skills that are in demand and live the life you have always wanted to.

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