The awareness elevator

Something strange about this elevator at The Oberoi Bangalore

The awareness elevator
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The awareness elevator
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Where is this awareness elevator located ?

It’s there

There is this elevator in the Oberoi Hotel, Bangalore.
You get into it, it gets to your floor.
After you get off, the elevator never stays there on that floor.
This elevator always magically settles itself on the ground floor.
Of the two elevators, this one always practices this ritual.
I found it strange.


The elevator comes down, the doors open slowly.
The elevator cabin gets cleaned if needed.
And now with its doors always open, you have a good looking, well-lit elevator waiting to welcome you. It waits patiently to receive someone and ferry them to their floor.
Be it someone tired, or someone excited - the elevator is waiting for you.


Just like this elevator, in life we have to come back to our base.
This base can be called our awareness.
Troubling or triumphant moment, it does not matter - always arrive at your base of awareness.
Be there as long as you can and reflect on how you feel, and why you feel a certain way.


These few minutes of being with yourself will only leave you feeling more calmer.
You’ll be at peace with yourself and no more monkey chatter can dominate your head. Your perspective will be unbiased, and your judgments will be non emotional.
My long stay in Oberoi helped me notice things that otherwise I wouldn’t.
Let’s be the awareness elevator.

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