Go around the buffet

The need to be patient and give time to people and things

Go around the buffet
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Go around the buffet
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Go around the buffet and uplift your life

Good Food

When you step into a buffet, you start loading your plate with all the good appetizers.
Back at your table, you eat a few and realize it is not that good.
You go back to the buffet and go around finding something better tasting to eat.

You don’t give up do you ?

You make sure to go around the entire buffet section and explore new and familiar dishes.
In the end, if it was good, you say, "This place was great", if not, "this place was terrible."
But you did this after making countless rounds across the buffet display.

Don’t dismiss

The same way, don’t end up judging people, by one small 30 second video clipping.
Don’t dismiss them by something they said that you don’t agree with.
Go around their library of work or materials.
It’s only fair that you invest your time to make sure you are giving the person a fair chance before judging him, shaming him and labelling him for life. Being thought challenged is one thing, and not liking that feeling is another. But hating someone for it is quite another.

Soak in

Don't rush things out. Take your time.
Allow yourself to soak in everything, let your thoughts and feelings filter through, and then you will be able to see people and things in a more unbiased way.
This approach does not just limit to people, it can be for experiences too.
My favorite moment in the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara is the scuba diving scene. Hrithik's character Arjun can't swim and hates the idea of water and underwater exploration in a place like Costa Brava.
Things change when he moves ‘around the buffet’.
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