How to change your lifestyle to be healthy

In February, I suffered a severe attack of gout. Obesity was the main cause. I had to lose weight. To get me to lose weight  I had to build good habits. Let me tell you how to change your lifestyle to be healthy.

I reprogrammed my brain to get it working for me. I used my brain to build good habits, which helped me overcome uric acid issues, reduce weight, and get into an easy fitness routine.

All of this was accomplished in less than 14 weeks. I'll show you how.


Lifestyle changes you could make to become healthier?

I can share what I do, and you can apply what you learn to your routine.

  1. I follow a 22:2 and 16:8 hour fasting schedule. 
  2. I meditate, am mindful and 24/7 self aware. 
  3. I break my fast with whey protein, greek yogurt and some nuts.
  4. My main meal contains fiber, protein, medium fat, and low carbs.
  5. And I have lots of water. 

My routine is made up of different habits that I use to achieve a heightened level of mental and physical well-being. Sit back, make notes - get ready to learn how to  build a healthy lifestyle and transform your life. 

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting illustration

I do intermittent fasting. I alternate between fasting at 22:22 and 16:8 routine.

Now, this habit just sets the tone for the rest of the amazing habits and routines that will follow. 

Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating that cycles between periods of eating and not eating.

People fast for a certain amount of time, then they eat their next meal.

There are different ways to do intermittent fasting. How often you fast and how long you fast depends on what type of intermittent fasting approach you want to follow.

Some people choose to overnight fast, where they don't eat anything from dinner until breakfast the next day. Others start by skipping breakfast and only eat during an eight-hour period in the middle of the day, followed by another 16 hours without food.


self awareness is good

I meditate every second. Meditation for me involves awareness of myself.

I meditate by focusing on myself. I focus on what I think about and what is going on around me. Thus, I can focus on the present moment and not get lost in my thoughts. Instead of reacting to things that happen to me, I now reflect.

Self-awareness is what I choose. It is up to me to decide what I want to focus on and what really matters to me. I no longer need to react automatically and say or do something based on my circumstances. I can now choose how I feel about being self-aware.

Being more mindful has helped me become more aware of my emotions, feelings, and words.

Meditation is an integral part of my life. How?

By being present and mindful.

It might seem made up or weird to you. Meditation will make you love being able to be at peace every moment of the day.  My meditation skills are improving every day as I learn the art. 

Hydrate with water 

stay hydrated quote

Each morning I drink one litre of water. 

Getting a litre of water first thing in the morning can help with intestinal health and constipation. It also flushes out the stomach and therefore balances the lymphatic system.

It is also beneficial to drink water in the morning to ensure a healthy digestive system.

A healthy digestive system is able to extract more nutrients from food. Healthy food sources are necessary for proper digestion, which leads to a healthy immune system. Healthy immune systems allow people to fight off bacteria and viruses that could cause illness. Having a litre of water first thing in the morning is the easiest way to ensure that your body is functioning at its optimal level.


Pushups illustrations

My morning routine starts with 60 pushups after brushing my teeth and going to the bathroom.

These 60 pushups are all done in one go. Mind you, I couldn't do five in one round.  

Even when I don't feel like it, I do it anyways and feel energized and pumped.

Even when I was traveling or lazy, I never skipped my pushups except when I injured my left shoulder and had to go on a long break. Eventually, I began working on it again.

I am committed to my physical fitness 100% with just one variable to focus on.

I failed to become physically fit because I added too many things to the mix.

I do this workout as my only workout during the day, and I'll keep this up for the next couple of weeks, then I'll add more HIIT workouts.

It was my goal to learn how to commit. To accomplish this, I am training my brain to function in the best way possible for me.

Morning Coffee

Black coffee is good

I start my day with a hot cup of black coffee.

The French Roast coffee I have is from Third Wave Coffee Roasters. The beans are french press ground. The coffee is bitter, dark and hits hard. As much as I'm not addicted, I always like to have a cup of coffee when there is an opportunity. Feels really good and special.


Multi vitamins illustrations

I take Swisse Ultivite Men's Multivitamin, a fantastic multivitamin.

I have to admit that this is the best multivitamin I could find. It contains healthy antioxidants, healthy micro-nutrients, healthy vitamins and healthy minerals.

My body gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs from this multivitamin. During the days when it's sunny and sometimes when it's gloomy here in Bangalore, this vitamin helps to maintain my body's core vitals with D3 and other essential nutrients.

More Coffee

While fasting until 3:30 p.m., I consume two black coffees and a few other drinks. I sometimes replace the coffee with green tea or lime water. I also consume at least 2 litres more water by now.

Breaking the Fast 

So I fast intermittently. The fasting pattern determines whether I break my fast after 18 hours or 22 hours.

Let's assume I break the fast after 18 hours. 

Whey protein 

Whey protein isolate

I break my fast at 3.30 pm with 2 scoops of whey protein powder and 1 scoop of greek yogurt. 

Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder Primary Source Isolate is the protein powder I have. One of the best sugar-free and carb-free options available. In combination with Epigamia Natural Greek Yogurt, the dark chocolate flavour makes it more like a dessert.

I also have some pistas, almonds and walnuts.

In addition, I have a small banana. If there are leftover cooked green vegetables from my daughter's meal, I have those too.  

Super Early Dinner 

Low carb diet illustrations

My dinner is scheduled for 6.30 pm. It will include a huge salad and a very large serving of protein. Among the protein sources we have are salmon, chicken breasts, paneer, or any other veggie that is rich in protein. 

I also consume some healthy fats, such as butter, ghee, or cheese. 

When my wife prepares curry or gravy, we sometimes add some brown rice.

By 7:15pm, I should be done with dinner.

Then we get back into our fasting mode.

Off to Bed

9 hours of sleep illustrations

My family and I are in bed by 9.30 p.m.

...And tomorrow morning at 6 a.m., we're all set to start our day.

While there are days when bedtimes differ, in general, we aim to sleep for 8-9 hours every night.

When we don't get those hours, we sneak a few hours of sleep in the noon.

These are the results of my healthy weight loss routine.

  • My gout and uric acid spikes have been controlled, and my insulin is in check.
  • My weight has dropped by over eight kilograms.
  • My waist and thigh sizes shrank a couple of inches. 
  • I developed muscle strength around my arms.
  • My snoring decibels have decreased by 50%. 
  • My sleep is longer and more restful. 
  • All in all, my lifestyle has changed for the better. 

Moreover, the most important benefit and result of this routine is that my relationship with myself and my family has improved by 100x.

It wasn't that we had a bad relationship before, it was good. It has gotten better now. There is so much love, peace, and understanding. I have never felt so blissful as I do in this moment. 

This transformation happened by taking action

open yourself to possibilities illustration

All of this would not have been possible without learning to reprogram my brain.

I learned this from one of the most amazing people on this planet.

Using his program, I rewired my brain in less than 14 weeks, which changed my life.

Transform is not a word I take lightly. 

Since then, I have attracted an abundance of good habits, good health, and money into my life.

My heart is full of gratitude, I know and value myself, and I let the people around me just be. 

My life has never been better.


Change your brain habits. And change your life.

For those who are really wishing to transform their lives, sign up for a free training I am recording right now just for you.

I will introduce you to my mentor, and you can also open yourself up to amazing life changes by controlling your mind.