90-Day Youtube Challenge For Creatives, Freelancers, Small Business Owners

The 90 Day Youtube Challenge is to help you - ‘creatives, freelancers and small business owners’.

If you aren’t getting enough opportunities...
You feel you lack purpose in what you're doing...
If you’re anything like me and have multiple passion and interests and do not know which one to pick and kickstart...
Or say you’re having a Blueprint for your idea, but you’re scared you’ll fail.

To sum it up, if you’re not heading in the right direction towards your goals or dreams, you need to take this 90 day Youtube Challenge.

Taking up this challenge will break all the barriers and blockades that’s stopping you from surging ahead.

So what is the 90 Day Youtube Challenge ?

The #90dayyoutubechallenge is about building your authority in the area of your expertise.

The core of this challenge is to make a youtube video daily for the next 90 days. And in that video you should share your journey, ideas, experiences, learnings, tools, inspirations and things that’ll help you reach your dreams.

It's that simple!

But how will this challenge help me?

When you document and share your journey towards your goal over a period of 90 days, you will go through a superlative transformation.

This is what will happen when you go through your 90 days challenge

1. Following

As you share your videos, you’ll slowly build a community of like-minded people who connect and relate to your present journey.

2. Engagement

When your content resonates with the viewers, they start engaging. Questions, suggestions and requests start pouring in.

3. Content Library

These questions will be the resource bank for your upcoming content. It's a great way to build content that people will read.

4. Build Authority

When you finally finish the 90 day grind, you’d have left a volume of content and will have people looking for answers to their questions, which you’d have already answered. With the actionable and valuable content that you would have shared, you’ll stamp an authority in your niche/domain/expertise.

5. Scale

It doesn’t stop there! You can from then on, continue the 'video a day' mode, or post a healthy 3 times a week to scale your authority and have products or services that people can sign-up for.

Does this really work?

It does and in a big, BIG way. And here's a proof...

Meet Miles Beckler - a champion internet entrepreneur and marketer who is changing the game of Youtube Marketing.

Miles Beckler 90 day Challenge

Screenshot from milesbeckler.com

I got introduced to the concept of this challenge by Miles Beckler, who has tasted continuing success by following the same 90 day challenge blueprint for his other business’s.

Check this video where Miles takes us through his Youtube Channel's Analytics and shares his pie with us :

Miles Beckler’s 90 Day Challenge Hack explains the importance of picking the medium that matches your personality and taste.

miles beckler 90 day challenge hack

But in this case, we will be using video as our medium that’ll be published on Youtube.

The idea here is not to get fancy with the video’s, the effects and lower thirds etc.

The core of every video should be to deliver on content.

Add to that a few basic guidelines and you’re set to roll.

Let's see the guidelines that’ll build the foundation for your 90 day challenge.

The 90 day Youtube Challenge Guidelines

The Core

1. Everyday, for the next 90 days, you’ll share videos.

2. Aim to hit the 10 min duration for each video you share.

3. Publish videos daily and consistently at the same time.

The Content

1. Make sure you have content relevant to your niche or expertise.

2. You can get a ton of topics by mind-mapping your life, connections and interests. Breakdown every little aspect of your life to juice out content that you can share.

Youtube Publishing Guideline

1. Give an appropriate title to each of your videos. Name your videos, like how common people would search them.

2. Have a minimum 200 word writeup in the description of the video - that’s relevant to your content. This is like your mini-blog.

3. Tag the video with the keywords that match your content.

4. Link your website and social profiles at the end of the video.

Video Creation and Gear Guide

1. All you need is your phone camera. In addition to that, the two accessories you can invest in are :

2. Try to shoot in broad daylight or where the light is apt. Avoid dark, and badly lit setup for your videos.

3. Any edits you’d like to do, you can do it on Youtube. But try and avoid edits and over-perfecting the videos.

Content Guide

1. The content has to be relevant and not abstract. When you share your journey as is, there are chances that you'll find people who are on similar paths. 

2. Before looking for content outside, review the content that can be generated with what you know.

3. Mind Map your life like this rough breakdown.

 mind mapping 90 day youtube challenge.

That's about it !

That's all you need to get your 90 day youtube challenge kickstarted.

Over to you

Now! Like, right now is the time to start.

Don't make excuses. Kill your fear and get onto this #90dayyoutubechallenge.

  • Arun Mathew says:

    Hi Sir,
    I wonder if this would work, specially when both YouTube and facebook are into paid publicity stuff. I really like the uniqueness in your work. Am a mallu Puneite. Looking forward to work with you some day.